USDA Plays Dumb

Christopher B. Julian

474 Orchard View Drive

Ararat, Virginia, 24053


May 24, 2014





Mr. Kartic Padmanabhan,


Mr. Padmanabhan,

Please advise your clients at the USDA and NAD, Plaintiffs do not view the administrative record provided to the court as complete and accurate. While they have obviously stated such on a technicality, Plaintiffs view it as another example of the enterprises deceptive culture. Plaintiffs respectfully request pursuant to FRCP 37(a) NAD provide to the court the complete record of the Plaintiffs case. Plaintiffs assume the defendants have not provided the complete record on the technicality the documentation was retained under a separate case number NAD created during correspondence. Plaintiffs request that NAD provide the court with a complete administrative record for NAD Case No. 2013E000308 as it is inextricably tied to this case.





Christopher B. & Renee G. Julian