How the USDA corrupted the US Government!

After the USDA study “A Time to Choose” 1980 completed under Jimmy Carter; Regan choose corporate Ag over family farms and rural communities. He began a war on farmers intensifying the 1980’s farm crisis by making credit far less available to farmers and accelerating foreclosures in violation of the law and due process which resulted in thousands of lawsuits.  Many but not all of the legal liabilities incurred by more than 300,000 litigants were unconstitutionally resolved with passage of new law in the Ag Act of 1987. Note: Article 1 of the Constitution specifically states no ipso post facto laws.  You can’t remove liability for violating the law by changing the law to make it legal. But they did?

To protect government & Federal Judges from legal liabilities in this war his successor George H. W. Bush altered the Judiciaries oath of office permitting them to ignore constitutional rights March 1991.The USDA moved for dismissal on October 15, 1990. On July 5, 1991, the district court granted the USDA’s motion. In 1992 Bush is quoted as saying if the public knew what he’d done they’d be chasing him down the street for a public lynching. Based on Thomas & Scalia’s belief & recommendation that there is no executive decision the President can’t make. Even undermining the Constitution which Bush justified as a greater public good.

To give Black farmers an avenue for recourse Congressmen John Conyers insisted the congressional black caucus have Anita Hill lie about Clarence Thomas Oct 91 to ransom  Bush into signing the civil rights act of 1991 signed into law Nov 91. Its important to note that Anita Hills parents were farmers in Oklahoma and she worked closely with John Conyers. Did her parents receive a Pigford 1 or 2 settlement?

When the Courts had their permission to ignore Constitutional rights and the civil rights act was in place. Federal Courts ruled on Coleman v. Espy Feb 93 10 years after proceedings first started.

March of 93 Bill Clinton pulls the nomination of Edward J. Damich who then I believe worked with Ken Ackerman to develop a racketeering enterprise to deny due process, equal justice, fair hearings, and scrap federal rules of evidence and precedent all to protect the USDA from law suits using the Federal Courts and abusing deference. This process was implemented along with personnel reductions with the Ag reorganization act of 1994 under Clinton, Gore, and Espy. Gore included in the legislation conservation efforts and his global warming agenda.

This was all followed by a false flag explanation that it was all about discrimination which made up only 2% of the farmers that would have claims. Conyers loved this, it was his twisted way of getting the reparations he always wanted and legislated for while screwing white farmers who had been major abusers of slave labor. The whole thing got followed up with Pigford v. Glickman settled in 99 under Clinton who had used these promises to sway the Black vote, as did Hillary and Obama with Pigford 2, in the mid west. Understand President Clinton had to get special legislation past to extend the statute of limitations for the Pigford settlement which  included cases that had begun in 1982 with black farmers in  Georgia including Shirley Sherrod one of the largest receipients in the Pigford settlement and a USDA employee. Several additional follow on discrimination cases followed Pigford including Pigford II supported by Obama and Hillary Clinton, the Indian Farmers claims , and the Hispanic and Women farmers who basically got nothing.

White farmers the courts ruled could not have been discriminated against under the civil rights law of 91 making up 98% of those delt fraud, discrimination and pure gross negligence by congress and the USDA.

I also believe the late Justice Scalia was murdered because he wanted to overturn Chevron deference and Obama wanted the opportunity to replace him with a liberal judge that would not. All to protecting the unconstitutional way Government is operating above the law. It all amounts to high TREASON! Want specific documentation ask and you shall receive.