The Goss Conspiracy Usurpations of Treason, Tyranny, and Despotism.

Here’s the book, WIP, about the Goss conspiracy and the loss of America to treason by elected representatives on both sides of the aisle.

This book is for the 100’s thousands of farmers across the country who’ve lost their lives, and livelihoods to a corrupted US Government & its @USDA Agencies.

Tentative Title The Goss Conspiracy usurpations of treason, tyranny, and despotism. Pdf format VD Jan. 2, 2022. Please feel free to download a copy.

Here is a list of the booksCitations The Goss Conspiracy usurpations of treason, tyranny, and despotism PDF FormatJun. 2,2022.

Be sure to look at the factual source documentation linked. Since I first posted this work in progress and as I continue to work on it. I’ve found various publications pulling their articles from public access. I’ve made copies of everything that’s linked so if you need something that’s missing please feel free to request I’ll publish a copy.

Just one act of usurpation of the Constitution from the Goss Conspiracy of Usuration.

No, it’s not finished but I’m working on it without a budget.

Chris talks about what I’m detailing in the Book Who, What, When, Why, and How this treason occurred.