The Suits Explained

I was locked out of the Mortgage Market by Dodd Frank legislation implemented after  investing significant amounts of time and money in the development of a Farm Winery operation. Because it was a Farm Winery operation and Dodd Frank completed the USDA eligibility requirement I not be able to obtain credit elsewhere I applied for a Farm Loan with the USDA/FSA.

The USDA FSA claims I was ineligible for a beginning farmer, farm loan, because the house I was building as part of the operation is too Big. I contend they simply interpreted the law, to say that, to avoid legal liability for numerous failures, and criminal acts in the processing of the loan application. I contend the USDA/FSA runs a RICO racketeering enterprise to avoid just such financial damages to protect itself and its criminals from responsibility and accountability. I sued the USDA under civil RICO laws. The Federal Court declined to hear charges for the torts claiming we needed USDA’s permission first and dismissed the RICO claim for failure to state a claim. The problem with that is the Federal Court instructed me in filing the complaint not to make legal arguments, cite statutes, or cases/precedent. The court then dismissed the claim declining to allow for a single amendment of the complaint. I contend for numerous reasons the Federal Rules of civil procedures were violated and the terms and conditions of the Promise Government made to a private citizen for the prosecution of a Government agency was violated according to the terms of the agreement. So I claim 3 lawsuits are valid.

  1. Against the USDA/FSA for operating a RICO enterprise and the multiple torts committed. Case filed as 4:13-cv-0054-JLK – Appealed, SCOTUS Denied Note: I intend in timely fashion to file this case again.
  2. Against the U.S. government including the Federal Judiciary for breaching the contract-(not abiding by the Federal Rules of Civil procedure, the Judicial oath of office, Judicial Cannons, and the law when  granting the USDA unconstitutional deference when I filed suit and accepted the Governments offer to prosecute a Government Agency. Case Filed as 1:15-cv-01344-EJD Under Appeal with Liars. On appeal the court cited dubious precedent that begs appeal to the Supreme Court on the Courts Jurisdiction.
  3. Against the Wall Street Banks who’s negligence and fraud are responsible for Dodd Frank and without which we would not have asked the USDA/ FSA for a farm loan.Case filed 3:16-cv-00173-RJC Held in Limbo for more than 15 Months by A court which appears to be protecting the Government and Judiciaries Criminal acts. Motion for Informa Pauperis Denied 9-27-2016. Summons issued 10-7-2016, service performed awaiting the judge to set hearings on Wall Streets motions to dismiss. Now on the docket 15 months.