I ‘ve had the Following Jobs:

Bartender, Factory Worker, Carpenter, Alaskan Purse Seiner,
Electricians Helper, Side kick to a Professional Photographer,
(Accountant, General Ledger Manager, Financial Analyst, Programmer,
Conversion Consolidations Technical Team Manager) at one of Americas
Largest Banks Apple & Peach farmer, Husband, Stay at Home Dad.

I’ve had the following accidents:

Hit with a broken baseball bat in the face
Had surgery for a growth in my cheek
Broke my legs jumping over a bush
Plunged into a frozen lake on a sled and was rescued
Broke Both my Legs snow skiing
Spent 6 months confined to wheel chair another six to crutches
Tore my ACL and it’s still torn today

All before the age of sixteen:

Was hospitalized 2 weeks for Mono
Scalded both my feet with boiling water while in the
Alaskan Wilderness alone
Broke my nose getting hit with a bear trap
Had the handle of a caulk gun pass through my left hand
Took a double barrel roll down a Mountain on a tractor and lived to tell it
Broke my left ankle and wrist pruning an apple tree
Shot a 16 penny nail through my left thumb
Hundreds of other cuts and bruises
Lived the last 12 years sleeping with CPAP.

I have done all the things below most well:

Golfed,Water skied, Jet Skied, Snow Skied even after my accident
Hang Glided, Became a Certified Scuba diver twice
Taken Private pilot Lessons, Built a home and worked on it for ten years
Framed a 5000+ sqft house, I’ll take most anything apart
if I believe the fix will last, Managed my investments,
trading stocks and options over 20 years
Managed a technical team on some of the largest financial
General Ledger consolidations in US history. Professional Career Resume
Still married just once!

Things I like to do most:

Spend time with my family, Work Outdoors (farming), Ride my scooter on
the parkway, Hike,Swim,Cook I’m told I’m a very good cook,Drink wine,
Love my Boston Terriers,Garden, CNBC junkie, Researching/experimenting
with Propagating plants and shrubs Making Wine, Always experimenting with

2 thoughts on “About CBJULIAN

  1. Cool dude!!! And to think I knew you during a lot of this. Mr Julian is a very smart and thoughful guy. Even though we do not get together much anymore (due to distance and life working us to death) he is now and has always been one of my favorite people.

    • Thanks Troy, I certainly mis the deep conversations we used to have. Finding friends to converse with the way you and I did is rare and highly valued by me. Please if you can find time read the book I think it’s very important history expose the truth.

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