I ‘ve had the Following Jobs:

Bartender, Factory Worker, Carpenter, Alaskan Purse Seiner,
Electricians Helper, Side kick to a Professional Photographer,
(Accountant, General Ledger Manager, Financial Analyst, Programmer,
Conversion Consolidations Technical Team Manager) at one of Americas
Largest Banks Apple & Peach farmer, Husband, Stay at Home Dad.

I’ve had the following accidents:

Hit with a broken baseball bat in the face
Had surgery for a growth in my cheek
Broke my legs jumping over a bush
Plunged into a frozen lake on a sled and was rescued
Broke Both my Legs snow skiing
Spent 6 months confined to wheel chair another six to crutches
Tore my ACL and it’s still torn today

All before the age of sixteen:

Was hospitalized 2 weeks for Mono
Scalded both my feet with boiling water while in the
Alaskan Wilderness alone
Broke my nose getting hit with a bear trap
Had the handle of a caulk gun pass through my left hand
Took a double barrel roll down a Mountain on a tractor and lived to tell it
Broke my left ankle and wrist pruning an apple tree
Shot a 16 penny nail through my left thumb
Hundreds of other cuts and bruises
Lived the last 12 years sleeping with CPAP.

I have done all the things below most well:

Golfed,Water skied, Jet Skied, Snow Skied even after my accident
Hang Glided, Became a Certified Scuba diver twice
Taken Private pilot Lessons, Built a home and worked on it for ten years
Framed a 5000+ sqft house, I’ll take most anything apart
if I believe the fix will last, Managed my investments,
trading stocks and options over 20 years
Managed a technical team on some of the largest financial
General Ledger consolidations in US history. Professional Career Resume
Still married just once!

Things I like to do most:

Spend time with my family, Work Outdoors (farming), Ride my scooter on
the parkway, Hike,Swim,Cook I’m told I’m a very good cook,Drink wine,
Love my Boston Terriers,Garden, CNBC junkie, Researching/experimenting
with Propagating plants and shrubs Making Wine, Always experimenting with

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