Dear America From Blue Ridge Springs

Dear America From Blue Ridge Springs

March 25, 2016

To The American People, We The People!

Re: Why We Have GOP SCOTUS Obstructionism:


Dear We The People,

I  filed a civil lawsuit against a criminal enterprise operating from the office of the President in September 2013 case # 4:13-cv-00054JLK. Only an aggrieved Private Citizen has the law and standing behind them to prosecute such a case. I would not have brought this case unless I believed I can prove it.

This Racketeering Enterprise was, and is an act of “TREASON”. It was established with the Agricultural Reorganization Act of 1994. This legislation was driven by; then Vice President Al Gore, former President William Jefferson Clinton, then Senator Joe Biden and Senator Patrick J. Leahy, Congressmen Kika De La Garza, and Jack Brooks. It had additional support from many other legislators most notably congressmen John Conyers and Senators Chuck Grassley.

Multiple class action discrimination settlements totaling 4.4 billion dollars including Piggford I an II followed the enactment of this legislation, these were false flag cries of discrimination, justification for, pay off, this legislation, and Presidential vote getters.A testament to the  fact this was a war on farmers and not about racial discrimination is that to date every racial ethnic group has filed suit for discrimination although, white farmers were denied grounds for discrimination. Additionally, their numerous accounts of legislators, lawyers, etc claiming there was no discrimination.  This is not about discrimination it’s a secret unconstitutional criminal war on farmers.

Andrew Brietbart called the Piggford settlements the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people. I don’t know? If he ever knew? The real fraud wasn’t the payoffs, but, the treason committed on the American Farmer  and the Constitution of the United States with the enactment of this legislation.

The Federal Courts criminally and corruptly dismissed this racketeering case. The Fourth Circuit Court of appeals gave this corruption a wink and a nod case #’s 14-1480, 14-1925.

I filed a writ of certiorari with the Supreme Court petition 14- 1051 on February 27, 2015.

On March 9, 2015 the Supreme Court issued a ruling in Perez v. Mortgage Bankers Association. I believe the Supreme Court spoke out in this ruling about the Governments enterprise with the individual opinions expressed in this case, Clarence Thomas most honorably spoke to the issues in depth. However, the most disturbing statement the Honorable Judge made quoting Judge Scalia is ”

(“It is not for us to determine, and we have never presumed to determine, how much of the purely executive powers of government must be within the full control of the President. The Constitution prescribes that they all are”).

Serious Question America does this imply the Supreme Court views the President as having power to violate the supreme law of the land? Power to War against the Constitution? To war against We The People?

Interesting who chaired the Senate Judiciary committee during Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings? If you listen carefully to this bit of history you’ll discover Judge Thomas is accusing the Senate Judiciary Committee of racial discrimination. A High Tech lynching as he describes it. If true and I believe it was. In fact I believe the whole episode was part of effecting the treason in process. See the Politico article Bidens Anita Hill Problems for a refresher. Or Watch on Youtube Clarence Thomas: Supreme Court Nomination Hearings from PBS NewsHour and EMK Institute

Yes, I know exactly how you feel Judge Thomas Enough is Enough! This racketeering enterprise destroyed my life, no process has ever been so debilitating, I never asked for this role, but this is not what America is all about. I’m a victim of a Government run criminal enterprise, this enterprise has destroyed my life’s work. My name, integrity,character have all been harmed, my family my friends have been harmed.

“Enough is enough”!

April 2015 I wrote the President of the United States requesting he perform his sworn duty under Article 2 Clause 3 to uphold the laws and the Constitution of the United States. He has never responded to this letter in any manner. He is in fact pursuing ever-greater expansive policies to further the goals of this criminal enterprise with the EPA, BLM, and USDA.See Mr. President all thats necessary for the triumph of Government evil is for those in power to do nothing!

The Democratic Establishment is abusing in a war on the people and the constitution the judicial doctrines of Chevron, Seminole Rock, and Auer Deference in a war for green growth, smart growth, sustainable, and save the planet plans limiting the use and ownership of private property, and, in many cases, leading to the confiscation (Taking) of personal property and its return to wilderness.” A plan born from Al Gore’s commitment to UN Agenda 21 ,at a UN conference in Rio De Janeiro in 1992, and a prime objective of the Racketeering enterprise on which the lawsuit was based.

November 2016 I filed a lawsuit in the court of Federal Claims, “The so called Conscience of the Nation” because the Judiciary criminally dismissed my racketeering charges, broke a promise to the American People, and to me, a contract offer to a private citizen to become a prosecutor to prosecute just such a criminal enterprise operating within a legitimate government.

The Judge Assigned to this case # 1:15-cv-01344EJD was Edward J. Damich appointed to the bench by none other than William Jefferson Clinton and who’s employment record indicates he may well have been the chief legal risk management architect for the implementation of this criminal, unconstitutional, treasonous, racketeering enterprise between 1993,1994.

February 4, 2016 Judge Edward J. Damich declined to attest to  abide by his oath of office. See his written opinion here> What honor does a Judge have who to affirm his oath of office.

On February 13 2016 Anton Scalia, a highly out spoken jurist on the abuses of Chevron, Seminole rock, Auer deference and related abuses within the Administrative Procedures Act passed away under suspicion. As proof of the claim he was an out spoken jurist I suggest you look at the  opinions in 

Talk America, Inc. v. Michigan Bell Telephone Co., 564 U. S. ,

Decker Oregon State Forester, Et Al v. Northwest Environmental Defense Center No. 11–338. Argued December 3, 2012—Decided March 20, 2013*

Whitman v. United States, 574 U.S. ___ (November 10, 2014).


Perez v. Mortgage Bankers Association No. 13–1041. Argued December 1, 2014—Decided March 9, 2015

I also suggest you consider these in relation to the Obama administrations EPA efforts on Coal, and Water as well as BLM activities in Texas.

March 10, 2016 Judge Edward J. Damich having refused to attest to abide by his oath of office dismissed case 1:15-cv-01344EJD with reasonless summary judgment.

On March 18, USPS confirms delivery in the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit receipt of a writ of mandamus filed to remove Judge Edward J. Damich from case 1:15-cv-01344 and vacate his judgment.Writ of Mandamus

As of March 25th that writ has not been docketed on the courts docket.

It should be a clear sign of a lack of independence and integrity  by the U.S. Judicial Court system for America to know;  Chief Judge Sharon Prost of the Court of Appeals in the Federal Circuit was Judicial Council for the Senate Judiciary Committee of Joe Biden at the time of this racketeering enterprise legislation, passage, and at the same time Judge Edward J. Damich was likely designing it.

Update- 6-13-2017 The writ of Mandamus was converted by the court of appeals to a request for appeal. This criminal maneuver eliminated my case form ever having a fair an unbiased hearing all the more so as the appeal was assigned to none other than Chief Judge Sharon Prost.

America has a serious problem with the good ole boy network of the ABA, in American politics, legislature, courts,even the Presidents cabinet. The biggest problem of all is when they choose not to abide by the law  abusing immunity and allowing the  corps to  protect itself. The rule of law is defined as not based on the decisions of Government officials. This nation has become the subjects of tyranny and oppression at the hands of a criminal, treasonous, and corrupt Federal Judiciary.

I’m all for save the planet initiatives BUT, not at the expense of treason on the people, and the Constitution of the United States of America!

This Criminal Enterprise  raped, robbed, and tortured my mother, my wife, myself, my daughter, countless others ands taken property without due process in a country where the constitution “The Supreme Law Says in ” The Fifth Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution that governments cannot deprive any person of “life, liberty, or property” without due process of law. These atrocious crimes will continue unless their somehow stopped.The very reason I attempted to accept the job of prosecutor.

America where do the people turn when the President, Congress, Senate, and the Judiciary of a Nation support treason, warring against the constitution of the United States,and their sworn duties, to We The People? This was and is government working in its own interest against the society its paid to serve.

I truly believe this is why the GOP is declining even to vet a new Supreme Court justice and while a green, left, liberal, progressive conservationist I support the GOP on this!

Update 6-17-2017 Note the GOP chose to take the Nuclear option to put judge Neil Gorsuch on the bench as a replacemnet to Anton Scalia.

The Agricultural Reorganization Act of 1994, signed into law by William Jefferson Clinton was the greatest act of treason by traitors to the Constitution of the United States  to occur in the 240 year history of the Constitution! And Al Gore Called it: A model for Government Agencies cited for its efficiency” by Gore in his national performance review, “creating a government that works better and cost less. “ Thats a Government working better for its own self interest and not We The People!

I’m sorry America but Treason is Treason and what these traitors have done tortures and terrorizes Americans, its devastation to American lives far exceeds the act to protect their freedoms by Edward Snowden. What a bunch of hypocrites! ! !

I cannot imagine the cognitive dissonance or ridicule this letter could face. However, All I ever asked was for my day in a court of law before a jury of my piers to make my case. It has been repeatedly denied. Do not prosecute me without granting me my right to a Jury Trial! America should demand the Government stand trial before a jury for running a criminal enterprise from the executive offices of the President!. No one is above the law (REALLY) ?

Only We The People working together can escape tyranny and oppression and move a country forward. These representatives have shamefully set us back more than 200 years!

America we need honesty, integrity, responsibility and accountability. We need a real revolution for a generation of WE not ME.

I know many ways our Government could be operating better. So many ways we could be focused on a greener cleaner future. I’ve often considered running for office. However, I could not withstand the frustration of dealing with so many obstructionist, focused on the I and me’s to envision and work for a world for We. No only as dictator of the world could the true potential of a world for we be obtained. But theirs only one dictator suited for such a job and that dictator is “We The People” wake up, stand up hold them accountable and responsible for their actions that means YOU you are We The People!

The baby boom generation is still in power. Look at the mess they’ve made! These are despicable, hypocritical, narcissistic psychopaths ruining the world kick them out on their asses and put those who perpetrated treason in hell.

Please choose a new President very carefully!

Update 6-17-2017 – America you did not heed my warning and elected Donald Trump.

Please! Demand an end to the immunities our constitution never mentioned that we may hold tyranny and oppression at bay.

Please demand the Grand Jury return from the ashes to protect us form judges who succumb as Thomas Jefferson warned to the passions for party, for power, and the privilege of the corp.

I truly believe the ABA has become King of despotic tyranny.

Help us find justice in America and move this country forward. Remember the words of Cicero

“A Nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious, BUT it cannot survive “TREASON’ with in”

Congress, the judiciary, and even the President of the United States have demonstrated the sacrifices they’re willing to make to continue supporting this criminal, unconstitutional act of treason on the American People. see Anatomy of a Criminal Threat Absent Malice

CB Julian

Patriot Solider of Misfortune


Treason from Within Via the ABA!

Treason from Within Via the ABA!

A criminal enterprise curtesy of the ABA treason within the United States Government!

The Secretary of Agriculture is a member of the Presidents cabinet consequently; he’s a member of the Executive branch of Government. Note both were or are members of the ABA.

Congress unable to handle their duties allowed the establishment of Agencies with both Legislative and Judicial authority which established entities not contemplated by the constitution and usurping separation of constitutional powers. For more information on that See Thomas Jefferson Explains Path to Oligarchy William Jefferson Clinton Perfects It! Slide1

The USDA is an Agency reporting to the Secretary of Agriculture and it, and its subsidiaries like the Farm Service Agency (FSA) have authority to promulgate regulations interpreting congressional legislation and having the full force of federal law. These regulations are prescribed to the public in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).

The Secretary of Agriculture by Executive authority promulgated into law the National Appeals Division (NAD) with authority to administer all administrative hearings of agencies under the Secretary of Agriculture. Subsequently, he promulgated into law the National Appeals Divison would not be required to adhere to the Federal Rules of Evidence. Rules of Evidence derived from centuries of precedent defining Due Process. See Tom Vilsack Before Hispanic Caucus Slide1

A Summary of these facts shows the Secretary of Agriculture has Executive, legislative, and judicial power in direct contradiction to the constitutional intention for checks and balances in Government by maintaining separation of power.

  1. The Secretary of Agriculture utilizing this unconstitutional power is running an enterprise designed to deny individuals the constitutional guarantee of Due Process and Equal Justice under the law. This Enterprise is contrary to the Governments due process obligation under the Supreme Law, the constitution of the United States to operate legally and within the law.
  2. The Department of Agriculture uses this enterprise to avoid being held accountable or responsible for violations of Federal Law and Federal regulations they have promulgated into the code of Federal regulations. In other words they use the enterprise to protect themselves from being held accountable to Federal Law or responsible for violating Federal Law.
  3. The USDA/FSA has for decades used this criminal unconstitutional enterprise to inflict all manner of despotic tyranny, torture, and terrorism for all manner of destruction in the lives, livelihoods, health and causing all manner of family destruction in the lives of thousands including my family.

B. Federal Courts have aided and abetted this criminal enterprise by granting agencies like USDA, FSA, NAD the ability to interpret their regulations with any arguable interpretation, even interpretations contrary to the plain language of the regulation and it’s underlying statute as my case demonstrates and is discussed in Dumb and Dumber Judges Don’t Know English!

  1. Today the Federal Judiciary protects this criminal enterprise by granting them sovereign immunity protection from their constitutional obligation to operate legally. Additionally, they aid and abet this enterprise by freely granting Chevron deference.
  2. In this manner the Federal Judiciary has become a co conspirator with the Executive branch in a criminal enterprise granting them power above the law, the supreme law – The constitution of the United States, and in opposition to the true sovereign We The People.
  3. Effectively, the Executive and Judicial branches of Government are acting in their own interest above the law waging war on We The People. What are the United States, if not the embodied representation of We The People? Corrupt Federal Agencies Aidded By Corrupt Federal Judges

C. Article III Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution – Treason.

  1. “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them“ (We The People ? ), “or in adhering to their Enemies.” Enemies of (We The People)
  2. The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason”
  3. Is the Court of Federal Claims the agent of Congress?

On the receiving end of numerous acts of negligence, fraud, discrimination, and other criminal acts meeting predicate requirements for a civil action against the USDA/FSA for racketeering under Title 18 Chapter 96 sections 1961 – 1968; I filed a civil suit against the responsible individuals and enterprises in Federal Court on September 16, 2013. Case #4:13-cv-00054 JLK RSB.

  1. I relied on the promise of congress in Title 18 Chapter 96 section 1964(c) as an individual with standing, I would for compensation of my time as an attorney and cost, assume the role of prosecutor to remove this criminal enterprise from the legitimate operations of Government. To which I was promised a reward of treble damages for the prosecution.
  2. Under the constitution Article III Clause III Federal Crimes must be tried before a jury. The Defendants right in this case.
  3. Under the Seventh Amendment to the Constitution, Civil claims in Federal Court must be tried before a jury. The Plaintiffs right in this case.

I say Superior Federal District Court Judge Jackson l. Kiser violated his oath of office, my constitutional rights, federal laws and unconstitutionally converted the lawsuit in D for operation of the RICO enterprise described in A. to a cause of action for torts under the FTCA. Furthermore, he proceeded in violation of my constitutional and procedural rights into judicial review and decided for himself over valid objections to his jurisdiction and my constitutional rights to decide a material issue of law which had specifically been requested left to a juries purview as provided in D 2 & 3. May I have a day in court to put these issue before a jury? Because the puppet judges of Government serve only the corruption of their master. See We The People v. United States Government

  1.  This case was filed with a RiCO civil cause of action.
  2. This case was not brought under FTCA or U.S.C 5 Section 702.
  3. If Judicial review were to be performed then it was inappropriate to proceed barring the same requirements as demanded under the FTCA because as USC 5 702 States “A person suffering legal wrong because of agency action, or adversely affected or aggrieved by agency action within the meaning of a relevant statute, is entitled to judicial review thereof.”
  4. To quote Justice Scalia in National Law review 12-4-2014 “I doubt the Government’s pretensions to deference. They collide with the norm that legislatures, not executive officers, define crimes. When King James I tried to create new crimes by royal command, the judges responded “the King cannot create any offence by his prohibition or proclamation, which was not an offence before.” James I, however, did not have the benefit of Chevron With deference to agency interpretations of statutory provisions to which criminal prohibitions are attached, federal administrators can in effect create (and uncreate) new crimes at will, so long as they do not roam beyond ambiguities that the laws contain [internal citations omitted]. . . .”
  5. Chief Justice Harlan F. Stone said the juror “ is voting on the justice of the law according to his own conscience and convictions and not someone else’s. The law itself is on trial quite as much as the case which is to be decided.”
  6. “I consider trial by jury as the only anchor ever yet imagined by man, by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution,” a Virginia lawyer wrote around the same time. His name Thomas Jefferson.
  7. Justices Alito, Scalia, and Thomas write, in their concurrences in Perez, that judicial deference to agency interpretive rules cannot be squared with the constitutional structures of separation of powers, and checks and balances.
  8. And for the very reasons stated by Thomas Jefferson, Justice Harlan F. Stone, Alito, Scalia, and Thomas deference in civil and criminal trials is the jury’s purview and not the agencies or a judge.

Case #4:13-cv-00054 JLK RGB was upheld by the 4th Circuit court of appeals case 14=1480 and 14-1925 and denied cert by the Supreme court Petition 14-1051.

On April 14, 2015 I requested The President of the United States abide by his sworn duty to uphold the Constitution and the Laws of this nation under the Take care Clause 5 of Article 2 and I submitted my form SF-95 under the requirements of the FTCA. See Mr. President all thats necessary for the triumph of Government evil is for those in power to do nothingAlbert Einstiend World Destroyed

On November 9 2015 I filed suit in the Court of Federal Claims for breach of contract and a taking without just compensation. Because, Judge Jackson L. Kiser unlawfully converted the RICO cause of action and separated for his personal review the material question of law that belonged in the juries’ purview. Case # 1:15-cv-01344 EJD EGB See We The People v. United States Government

Cog Dis

On January 19, 2016 Because numerous Federal & State judges had ignored federal laws and my constitutional rights on numerous occasions I motioned for Judge Edward J. Damich of the Court of Federal Claims to state in writing: 1 he had taken the judicial oath of office 2 would adhere to that oath during proceedings 3 abide by the Judicial cannons of his office.

  1. Why if you took an oath of office to uphold the law and the constitution might you hesitate even a minute to affirm it?
  2. Why if you took an oath of office to uphold the law and the constitution might you hesitate for even a minute to affirm your intent to abide by that oath?
  3. Why if you took the oath of a judge would you hesitate to affirm your intent to abide by the canons of that office?

Surely an honest judge would have no problem with any of that?

Canon 1: A Judicial Employee Should Uphold the Integrity and Independence of the Judiciary and of the Judicial Employee’s Office

A Federal Judge  must  honor an offer as an official of the United States Government he cannot decline acceptance by a private citizen the offer of Constitutional rights. Denying a request to affirm  his oath, intent to adhere to it, and his judicial canons, Judge Edward J.Damich  declined acceptance of the Governments offer to a private citizen. Common law says once an offer is accepted a contract is binding. “Contracts make the law – all law is contract.” Declining to attest, is  breach of contract under common law and constitutional intent of the United States.

The reason for asking judge Edward J. Damich to attest he took an oath of office and intends to abide by that oath of office and his judicial canons, is to ascertain beforehand, the honesty, fairness and integrity this total stranger “intends” to display during the course of the hearing.

Remember, this stranger holds enough power over Plaintiffs and has the potential to disrupt Plaintiffs life and remove their liberties. Which numerous Judges have already done to  Plaintiff(s) Furthermore, and of great importance is the role prior judicial breaches  of the laws, the oaths, and canons played in the proximate cause of the complaint at issue.

Plaintiffs had a due process right to know their going to be treated in the prescribed manner by this unknown stranger and getting access to the law, Plaintiffs are entitled haven given up some natural freedoms? Plaintiffs opted into being subject to the Constitution and allowing the Supreme Law to have [legitimate] control over them. “Contracts make the law – all law is contract.

“The absolute rights of man, considered as a free agent, endowed with discernment to know good from evil, and with power of choosing those measures which appear to him to be most desirable, are usually summed up in one general appellation, and denominated the natural liberty of mankind. This natural liberty consists properly in a power of acting as one thinks fit, without any restraint or control, unless by the law of nature: being a right inherent in us by birth, and one of the gifts of God to man at his creation, when he endued him with the faculty of free will. But every man, when he enters into society, gives up a part of his natural liberty, as the price of so valuable a purchase; and, in consideration of receiving the advantages of mutual commerce, obliges himself to conform to those laws, which the community has thought proper to establish.” – William Blackstone, Commentaries on the Laws of England.

“The due administration of justice requires first that all citizens should have unhindered access to the constitutionally established courts of criminal or civil jurisdiction for the determination of disputes as their legal rights and liabilities; secondly, that they should be able to rely upon obtaining in the courts the arbitrament of a tribunal which is free from bias against any party and whose decision will be based upon those facts only that have been proved in evidence adduced before it in accordance with the procedure adopted in courts of law; and thirdly that, once the dispute has been submitted to a court of law, they should be able to rely upon there being no usurpation by any other person of the function of the court to decide according to law. Conduct which is calculated to prejudice any of these requirements or to undermine public confidence that they will be observed is contempt of court” – Lord Diplock in Att-Gen v. Times Newspapers Ltd. [1974]

Once laws are made it’s the job of the judge to listen to and make judgments when there are disputes and allegations of wrong doings. This position as you would expect requires the holder to be of impeccable character and hold the highest moral standards and unshakeable integrity. There can be no lesser qualifications for a position in society of such great importance and power.

You should ALWAYS get a positive answer from an honest judge, how could you not?  What do you think? 

In an ideal world no one would even dream of questioning a judges integrity. It would go without saying that if that man or woman took a solemn oath to perform and act in a certain way, there would be no way on Earth that that solemn vow would be welched on or forgotten when suited. Men and women who are honest develop a reputation for that honesty and so there is very little if any natural motivation to question that honesty.

For Judge Edward J. Damich to confirm his intention gives the people and Plaintiffs confidence in this complete stranger to act fairly, honestly and with integrity and to be TOTALLY IMPARTIAL His denial of the motion for said relief the antithesis.

This is a NORMAL request for someone to ask in a situation as alien to him as this and having a case based largely on Federal Judges failure to observe the same.

For judge Edward J. Damich to decline a request to confirm being bound by his oath did not foster confidence, judge Edward J. Damich would act as professional as one would expect, and so there was no trust in judge Edward J. Damich judicial abilities and integrity when the responsive pleading was written.

Plaintiffs have found judges lacking in honesty, fairness and integrity, a requirement demanded by their “noble” profession. It’s these judges that appear to have abandoned their oath and honor, and it’s these judges’ prior actions that demanded Plaintiffs ask Judge Edward J. Damich if he would be bound by the principles of his oath with the intention of getting a positive answer.

Consider the Words of Thomas Jefferson: “judges are as honest as other men, and not more so. They have, with others, the same passions for party, for power, and the privilege of their corps, Their power [is] the more dangerous as they are in office for life, and not responsible, as the other functionaries are, to the elective control.” SeeThomas Jefferson Explains Path to Oligarchy! William Jefferson Clinton Perfects It!                                                                        

If I was appointed to be a Justice by President William Jefferson Clinton and later was  assigned a case accusing President William Jefferson Clinton of establishing and operating a criminal unconstitutional enterprise waring against We The People I should I recuse myself on the grounds presiding over such a case might appear to lack independence or worse an intent to protect a criminal enterprise involved in treason. An enterprise accused of denying individuals the constitutional rights a judge has a  sworn  oath to uphold? See Thomas Jefferson Explains Path to Oligarchy! William Jefferson Clinton Perfects It! 

Canon 2: A Judicial Employee Should Avoid Impropriety and the Appearance of Impropriety in All Activities

Presiding over a case in which President William Jefferson Clinton who appointed you to the bench as a judge with a 15 year plus appointment is accused of establishing a criminal unconstitutional enterprise and you do not recuse yourself. I state for me unequivocally presents the  significant appearance of impropriety. What do you think ?   

February 4, 2016 Judge Edward J. Damich Denied a request to attest:

  1. he had taken the judicial oath of office,
  2. would adhere to that oath during proceedings,
  3. would abide by the Judicial cannons of his office.

Judge Edward J. Damich denial of attestation of  is calculated obstruction of justice 18 U.S.C 1505 and so, a common law contempt of court, a broken oath 28 U.S.C. 453 and, a common law breach of contract,  a violation of 28 U.S.C 455(a) and 18 U.S.C. 242! And quite plausibly 18 U.S.C. 1621 & 18 U.S.C 2382 42 U.S.C 1986

If a judge does not fully comply with the Constitution, then his orders are void, In re Sawyer, 124 U.S. 200 (1888), he/she is without jurisdiction, and he/she has engaged in an act or acts of treason.Any judge who does not comply with his oath to the Constitution of the United States wars against that Constitution, and engages in acts in violation of the Supreme Law of the Land. The judge is engaged in acts of treason. Furthermore, since this Plaintiffs case involves treason judge Damich has chosen to War against We The People and to adhere to the enemies of We The People.

If a judge does not fully comply with the Constitution, then his orders are void, In re Sawyer, 124 U.S. 200 (1888), he/she is without jurisdiction, and he/she has engaged in an act or acts of treason.

These are hardly what can be characterized as Judicial functions or the expectations society has on such a high office and an officer sworn to uphold the constitution under 28 U.S.C 453.

Judge Damich the Constitution of these united States of America is the supreme law of the land. No other law, rule, regulation or code including contract can supersede it, nor can your authority as a judge, or an imposter acting as a judge. You did not confirm your oath you violated it and you have violated 28 U.S.C. 455(a) you are an imposter, you are unlawful in the office, in violation of 18 U.S.C 912. You should have recused yourself and you should step down. You sir I contend are a traitor and should be tried for treason.

Failure to confirm your oath of office suggest judge Edward J. Damich does indeed intend to prejudice your the Plaintiffs  rights to equal access to justice. Consequently, I will no longer consider myself bound by the social contracts of law because, the U.S. GovernmentThe Pick Poem is in breach of its agency duties and has become a law breaker. I denounce as valid any control local, state, and federal governments have over my personal sovereignty. I no longer under my free will grant you any power and will resist with full and uninhibited force any attempt at control over my person in any manner whatsoever. Until such time as my constitutional rights are observed and justice served on the traitors.”

The rule of law requires that no one be above the law, not even the king, that the law has been defined before a controversy exists and that the punishment set for breaking the law. Prior to this controversy the rules were set in : Anatomy of a Criminal Threat Absent Malace

January 27, 2016 I contacted my congressional representative because the judge had not only not responded but  several items I believed should be on the courts docket had not been docketed. I requested, since the court of federal claims was an agent for congress my case become a petition for a congressional hearing on my allegations. See item C(2).

February 4, 2016 The response brief to the DOJ’s motion to dismiss under 12(b) was filed with the Court and at the same time the motion of January 19, 2016, appeared on the docket followed February  10, 2016, by other items the court should have long ago docketed.

February 11, 2016 I had a personal come to Jesus discussion with the office of my worthless  congressional representative Moron Griffith. I believe as the Executive and Judicial branches of Government are co conspirators in this treason on We The People it is Congresses duty to bring the traitors to justice. See C(2) & C(3).

February 13. 2016 News of this case was just to much for Antonin Scalia to bear!


A(3) The USDA/FSA has for decades used this criminal unconstitutional enterprise to inflict all manner of despotic tyranny, torture, and terrorism for all manner of destruction in the lives, livelihoods, health and causing all manner of family destruction in the lives of thousands of We The People.

B (3) Effectively, the Executive and Judicial branches of Government are acting in their own interest above the law waging war on We The People. What are the United States if not the embodied representation of We The People?

C. (1) “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them“ (We The People ? ), “or in adhering to their Enemies.” Enemies of (We The People)?

C. (2) “The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason” Is this then not the responsibility of the Court of Federal Claims?  They don’t think so. They have responded to this law suit precisely as predicted in.Any doesn’t mean Any Anymore!


March 10, 2016 in a perfect example of a reasonless summary order Judge Edward J. Damich denied the Government, We The People had any intention in legislating this law to contract with a Plaintiff for  the prosecution of these criminals and denied the promise  presented in title 18 Chapter 96 Section 1964(c)  entitled plaintiffs to the compensatory damages the U.S Government promised. Attorney fees for my time and effort, Cost of brining the suit, and treble damages as incentive in contrast see the intent of this law as stated by the Supreme Court in:

Agency Holding Corp. v. Malley-Duff & Associates][107 S.Ct. 2759, 483 U.S. 143, 151 (1987)] : “RICO and the Clayton Act are designed to remedy economic injury by providing for the recovery of treble damages, costs, and attorney’s fees.[1] Both statutes bring to bear the pressure of “private attorneys general” on a serious national problem for which public prosecutorial resources are deemed inadequate; the mechanism chosen to reach the objective in both the Clayton Act and RICO is the carrot of treble damages. Moreover, both statutes aim to compensate the same type of injury; each requires that a plaintiff show injury “in his business or property by reason of” a violation”

It’s astonishing to discover the Federal Courts do not find a RICO enterprise operating from the Office of the President a serious national problem. But they’re going to do everything in their power to protect it from a jury. I can tell you from experience and I suspect the tens of thousands of farmers before me believe congress had every intent to contract with a private individuals to rid our Government of the Mafia style corruption it operates under.

While the court labeled the Opinion not for publication you can read it here as Item 13 opinion.Please feel free to review any of the other court filing documents you like. The Key Documents Chronologically  

America where should we go from here?

The Executive Branch of Government is operating criminally aided and abetted by the Federal Judiciary and the Court of Federal Claims as agent of Congress claims to have no authority to review the actions of  the Judiciary as it conspires with an Executive office against We The People.

Yes America the Treason within is perpetrated by members of the judiciary and the ABA of Liars.

Update 4-9-2016 Every American has a civic duty to watch this film: WHO STOLE THE AMERICAN DREAM I challenge you to discredit its facts. After you watch this film answer the questions. Who Started, What Professional/Organization were they in, When did it start, and Where did the war on the American dream began. Who’s running and controlling the war on the American Dream? Lawyers working with Bankers?  You should also watch this film as well The American Dream What Happened

If Congress refuses to assume power to hold these branches accountable for treason; they too, join in tyranny and oppression of We The People and We The People have a duty to freedom and our fore fathers to see the traitors, and those who aid and protect them hang in the fires of hell.

America should understand, I write this blog as a record for the world to see, just what a hypocritical nation the American Government has become. A nation touting its respect for justice, the rule of law, and for democracy while itself being a serious oligarchy run by the ABA engaged in despotic, tyranny,  oppression and extortion of We The People!

The US Government is completely responsible for the consequences of their criminal actors


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Tom Vilsack Before Hispanic Caucus.

Tom Vilsack Before Hispanic Caucus.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) together with the Farm Service Agency (FSA), the National Appeals Division (NAD), and multiple state agricultural mediation programs operate an organized racketeering enterprise, fraudulently masquerading as an administrative appeals process. This Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization (RICO) is designed to deny appellants their individual constitutional rights to Due Process and Equal Justice under supreme law while usurping the judicial system to hide incompetent administration of the people’s resources and manage legal risk for financial gain. Since this is Fraud on Farmers, it obviously has an impact on agricultural commerce.

This fraudulent unconstitutional illegal risk mitigation effort under guise of an administrative appeal process is a federal crime under title 18 chapter 96 sections 1961-1968.It cannot be squared with Governments obligation to the people to operate legally and within the law.

This enterprise protects employees of the USDA & FSA from accountability and responsibility for crimes committed on the very individuals their employed to serve, from responsibility for negligence in the mismanagement of the people’s resources, from negligent, fraudulent, and discriminatory acts in the performance of their jobs even from accountability for failing to preform, proclaimed required procedures.

This enterprise is designed to deny fair, impartial, legal, and constitutionally guaranteed judicial review. It is intentionally designed to abuse the judicial doctrine of Chevron deference, which the judiciary has come to abuse in the denial of individual civil rights by consenting to Governments usurpation of the Constitutions intentional separation of powers.

My lawsuit against the USDA RICO enterprise described above was protected by Superior U.S. Federal District Court Judge Jackson L. Kiser and the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals from a Jury trial and Denied cert by the of the United States Supreme Court. I believe Judge Kiser’s intent was to block the RICO charges to protect the enterprise from dissolution as allowed under RICO.

Today Secretary Tom Vilsack at 12:00 noon, Thursday, March 3rd, will come before the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to answer questions regarding the Hispanic & Women’s Civil Rights Claims process. Where Of 53,803 total discrimination claims submitted 22,163 (41%) were reviewed. Of these only 3,210 (14.4%) of the claims reviewed were approved — only 6% of the total claimants and most of these to women.

I ask you to consider the impact the RICO enterprise described above had on these appellants prior to their filing claims under this settlement. I assure you this enterprise took every opportunity to deny these appellants their constitutional rights to a fair and impartial hearing and that fact is not reflected in the Agencies case records.

I submit that an agency operating a RICO enterprise to avoid financial damages, accountability, and responsibility for the jobs their paid to perform has no business being allowed any involvement in the evaluation of these claims.

Remember, “There is no greater tyranny, than that which is perpetrated under the shield of law and in the name of justice” Montesquieu

The Small American Farmers of this country deserve a loud and demanding call from American Citizens to end this decades old Trojan horse war by the USDA on the backbone of this country.

Justice Louis Brandeis offered this view ‘”Decency, security and liberty alike demand that government officials shall be subjected to the rules of conduct that are commands to the citizen.” Racketeering is a Federal Crime!

“ In a government of laws, existence of the government will be imperiled if it fails to observe the law scrupulously.”

Operating a RICO enterprise in violation of Federal Law and for denial of constitutional rights to Due Process is a violation of the Constitution that borders on treason.

“Our government is the potent, omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill, it teaches the whole people by its example. Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for the law; it invites every man to come a law unto himself. It invites anarchy. (United States v. Olmstead, 277 U.S. 438 (1928).”

Chris Julian

Not a Pro Pro Se per Se.