1. Traitors Within
  2. Traitors Within The Nemesis of Clarence Thomas!
  3. The Treason of Men Lives After Them While the Good Hangs With Their Bones.
  4. The Evil Men Do Lives
  5. All in A Day’s Work.
  6. No Harm No Foul.
  7. Jefferson Said “Trial by jury is the only Anchor ever yet imagined by man, by which a government can be held accountable to the principles of its Constitution.”
  8. Great American Lies – The Cult I Nation “Cultivation” of the US Constitution.
  9. They’re all So Called Judges
  10. Rigged
  11. The Ideal Home
  12. Sick
  13. The Dishonor List
  14. Manifest Injustice
  15. Ripples and Rails.
  16. Yes But What If they’re lying
  17. To Every Fallen Solider *
  18. A Memoir for Seren
  19. Careful where you land when you leap.
  20. What was Kavanaugh all About?
  21. The Theory Is Conspiracy!
  22. Cicero Whispers its a Conspiracy of Treason.
  23. Whispers of Cicero, Montesquieu, Jefferson, and Locke.