About this Blog

I started this blog to chronicle the journey i’m on. The short of that is I found myself the victim of a heinous despotic criminal enterprise.

Heinous primarily because it operates against mostly poor and under educated members of society to steal their rights under the U.S. Constitution to  Due Process, Equal Justice, and a Fair Hearing.

Despotic because its owned and operated by the US Government at the very highest levels of government and consequently its owned and operated by We The People.

Criminal because, its operated in violation of Federal Laws, in acts of treason on We The People and the Constitution and consequently in violation of We The Peoples supreme law on the operation of our Government.

In this blog I cover my journey, as a major part of that journey takes me through Federal court; Its about my court cases and filings but more than that it’s a journey to find answers and expose the truth.

Who created this RICO enterprise?

What was the purpose of this RICO enterprise?

When did this RICO enterprise begin?

Where did this RICO enterprise begin?

How did this RICO enterprise begin?

These questions have lead to historical findings that should not be left hidden from the American people nor the world!

My hope in the end is to shut down this criminal enterprise and expose the truth for historians of all its despicable and ugly lies.

Note: If its highlighted in Blue it’s a link to documentation.

I make relevant updates occasionally on the blogpost, and when I do tag them with the date, and an update date tag in Red.