Do you know the one thing, The one thing you always know?

Do you know the one thing, The one thing you always know?

I’ve been working lately assimilating factual information about presumptions, assumptions, and lies. There’s been no shortage of these inspirations for blogging provided by the Federal District Court experience; in my lawsuit against RICO USDA for racketeering. Continuing efforts to sue the USDA for racketeering in Federal District Court has provided far more inspiration from presumptions, assumptions, deceit, deception, and outright lies and obstruction than I would’ve ever imagined in a court of law. Reading through the Court’s latest Opinions inspired me to preempt my many blog additions under draft with this editorial.

Once many years ago my brother asks me a silly question. While I’m not clear on its relevance here it comes to mind. He said: Is it presumable to assume that assume assimilates presume or does presume to assimilate the assumption or is it all just presumptive?


How naively I’ve walked through life, brainwashed by television, believing court was about facts, truth, honor, and justice. Then believing court offered an opportunity to address grievances with facts, present your evidence, expose the truth with honor, and have justice prevail with those who broke the law being held accountable. It never dawned on me that a Federal District Court would allow for the scales of justice to be shifted by the injustice of presumption without evidence, assumptions, deceit, deception, and misrepresentation along with outright lies rather than the presentation of factual evidence and the truth. After all, Judges sit on the bench and ask witnesses to swear to tell the truth the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Right? Judges I believe and expect to have, hold and honor the highest in moral and ethical standards, Judges are expected to base their decisions on facts, not fiction, on truth and not lies, and on the presentation of evidence to support reasonable grounds for a presumption rather than purely on assumption.  On sound solid logic, not assumptive and fallacious interpretations.  Judges are expected to demonstrate the utmost diligence in finding of facts to conclude the truth and adherence to the law in enforcing justice. Judges are expected to remain neutral.


Perhaps Courts might be far more bastions of truth and justice if we opened the door and exposed them to the public light, exposing judges’ actions to public scrutiny, requiring all court hearings to be recorded and taped. After all, are Judges not civil servants who should be held responsible, and accountable to the people, and the society they serve? Would not the presence of cameras and recorders simply incent them to greater accountability for truth, justice, and equal justice for all? Would it also not protect them from the human condition to succumb to their own egos, biases, and corruption?

Assimilate Truth

Like all of those individuals named in my lawsuit against the USDA for racketeering, the U.S. Attorney, the Virginia State Attorney, the Judge, his court, and the Virginia State University employees involved, are civil servants. All are accountable to the people, all subject to public scrutiny while they rely on public funding to provide them jobs in civil service. I find it a civic duty to expose them one and all, to hold them one and all publicly accountable and responsible for their every misrepresentation, every lie, and every deceitful and deceptive action they take in their public service. I have no tolerance for liars, no tolerance for injustice served on the people by servants who take sustenance from the public trust and use it against the public they are paid to serve. I will relinquish no restraint in publicly naming these individuals now or in the future or in exposing anything I find unethical or any transgression of service. I intend to combine the contents of my blog and the entire story with full disclosure of all relevant facts from every source I have in a future publication. Any individual holding a job through Local, State, or Federal employees should expect to have their name disclosed along with a factual representation of their deeds and my personal opinions and observations of how a preponderance of the factual evidence might be interpreted.

I’ve worked with executives of major financial institutions, and migrant workers who’ve spent their whole lives in the field, I’ve worked with Fishermen, Carpenters, Electricians, Accountants, Programmers, Doctors, Nurses, and migrant workers. I’ve personally known and worked with very wealthy people and very poor individuals and I’ve encountered good and bad people from all walks of life.

The best mentor, I ever had was a veteran serviceman who taught me to take pride in my work, to be the best I could be, to do the best job I could do, and to be honest no matter what others did and I would always be able to have respect and honor for myself. He also taught me a saying I truly believe to be an esoteric truth, all men should learn to heed. He said: “There’s one thing you always know and that is you never know”. People who grew up wealthy can’t know the challenges of truly being poor, poor people can’t know the challenges of being rich. No one can ever know what it’s like to stand in your shoes or ever have more than a glimpse of the history that makes you, who you are. So before making assumptions, before you get to presumptive before you pass judgment you should always ask yourself the question, what is it that I may not know, what is it I might need to know because everyone should remember they can’t ever really know unless they’re blind in which case they never see the light to know what they only thought they knew. I call them Egidiots, egos so large it gets in the way of their intellect making them do idiotic (stupid) things.

The Truth can be told. Lies once written never erased. Facts can allude to the truth or lead to assumptions not grounded in truth, only, by disclosure of all the facts does one learn the truth. We all know the old saying when you assume you make an ASS out of You and ME. But, neither facts nor the truth go away, simply, because they are ignored.

So before you make judgments about people or situations best to have as many facts as you can and ask yourself the question; what is it, I may not know, because you never know too much, you never know everything, and you should know you never know. Don’t be an ASS. Don’t be an Egidiot. You just might not know everything.

You know