Corrupt Federal District Court Of Federal District Judge Jackson L. Kiser – Traitor

America This is the Federal District Court of Virginia Western District Danville making false statements in defense of criminal activities by a racketeering enterprise, run by the USDA.

Why? Because Courts have rules about Fraud “No Harm No Foul”  eliminate any financial  harm and they can dismiss the Multiple counts of fraud and mail fraud. Thats why Federal Judge Jackson L. Kiser wrote this BS. To fraudulently dismiss the predicate acts of the government run racketeering enterprise alleged.

This is just one of dozens of examples of corruption in the ruling of our case by the Federal District Court of Danville VA.  Are they making arguments for the defense, or looking at the facts provided in the evidence?

  • Truth in lending laws require lenders to provide an applicant with a copy of their credit report, when they paid for and request it.
  • Yes we only requested a copy after the loan denial  because we knew James Rigney FSA/USDA had not preformed the requirements of his job by obtaining one.
  • FSA denied the loan for requesting to pay off debt we did not have.
  • Our credit report proved the allegation was false.
  • Every educated lender knows an individual can obtain their own credit report without damaging their credit, why would we want them to pull one for us two months after they’d denied the loan?
  • We were monitoring our credit monthly with MYFICO. That’s how we knew they had never pulled a report.
  • How do you deny a loan without ever looking at the applicants credit especially when your rules expressly specify you do so?
  • Double click the image below to read the facts supporting these statements.
Corrupt Court

Federal Court corruption

Update 2-19-2016 Look at USDA Farm Loan Guide at the Description of use for a Credit Report Fee on page 39. “So FSA can obtain your credit history” a so called required procedure never performed’ Money taken for a purpose never carried out. Money stollen from the plaintiff and never returned. Such integrity from our courts and government.

FSA Guide on Credit Report FeeThe court has absolutely no argument, nor evidence, or anything contrary to the evidence provided, to support the contention this was an application fee. The FSA documents stated its a Credit Report Fee and the fee is based on the type of credit report to be obtained. America This is a Federal District Court making false statements in defense of criminal activities protected by an unconstitutional  criminal Racketeering USDA run enterprise. See FSA application checklist Exhibit L & M here

Think about it this way too. If it truly is an application fee then it was collected on false pretense as the documentation said it was a credit report fee. That too would be fraud!

Note L is depicted above as Untitled 2.  Here is M from the FSA handbook on loan request processing. Note the last bullet point.

Processin of Loan Application

Update 4-21-2017 This was a Federal District court Judge Jackson L. Kiser in violation to his oath of office, in an act of treason, protecting a criminal enterprise run by the USDA in direct violation of the Constitution waring against America Farmers, and the Constitution of the United States. This is Treason as blatant as it gets.

This was a failure of a duty to provide due care, a failure to preform a required duty, a failure to provide the process due.   A failure to preform a service for which they had demanded compensation. The USDA fraudulently took compensation for a statutory duty they never preformed.


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