The Razors Edge

I’ve had a few people lately make me feel, as though they believe I’m off my rocker. After all, I accused the USDA of running a racketeering enterprise, Superior Federal district court judge Jackson L. Kiser of being a liar, the fourth circuit court of appeals of protecting a criminal government operation, and the supreme court of the United States of being traitors to we the people. It all sounds like, I might just be a government conspiracy theorist. Perhaps they’re right, perhaps not. Give me a fair hearing before an honest unbiased tribunal.

IMDB tells me I’ve been confused since 1984, although, I would have to see the movie again to know for sure. It says “The path to enlightenment is sharp and narrow as the razor’s edge” For decades I believed in the movie, the Monk told Bill Murray the path to salvation is narrow and sharp as the razor’s edge.

Perception, and even reality of the world we live in, has significantly more than 50 shades of gray. I’ve at least since 1984, viewed the path to salvation as the razor’s edge. On one side of the path, is good, the other evil, on one truth, the other lies, on one side honor, the other dishonor. I believe in the truth of science, in observable fact, and in god. I believe it is very easy to fall from the path and I believe Jesus said: I’m the truth, I am the light and I am the way. I believe the path to our salvation comes from living in the light of and accepting the truth. You can lie about the truth, and you can color it in many shades of gray, but you cannot change it. The truth is, what it is! True?

I made a conscious decision years ago to live the truth, I chose to do and be good, and I chose to die with honor. However, there are more than 50 shades of gray and I’m not telling my wife she’s fat though It would be a lie anyway.

If you believe I’m off my rocker, or that I’m lying about the USDA, the dishonorable Judge Jackson L. Kiser, the dishonorable judges in the fourth circuit court of appeals, or the traitorous acts of the Supreme Court, to the latter I say grant me the opportunity to make my case before a jury of my piers. To the former, I say hold on to your hat and follow the blog.

If what I say is true We the People have been betrayed by the Judiciary and our constitution sold to a corrupt tyrannous and despotic government. For the one and true sovereign, We the People, these are acts of treason, It is often said one must fight fire with fire, one must fight crime as a criminal. Even Bernie Sanders admitted on Face the Nation sometimes war is the only viable option.

I chose to follow the Government’s definition of proper channels, they have been deceitful, deceptive, criminal, liars through every proper channel, hell-bent on covering up, and hiding the truth of their dishonor. They have dishonored every fallen soldier with their despicable disregard for the constitution and civil rights.

When the Government is protected by the judiciary for violations of federal crimes when the Government operates an enterprise banned by Federal Law. They violate their obligation to Due Process, and the Magna Carta requirement, they operate legally and within the law. Congress, the Senate, and even the President are aware these transgressions are a fact of the USDA’s operations. They will not accept the truth, admit the truth, only color it in shades of grey deeply off the path of salvation.

Without a Judiciary holding Government to the rule of law, We The People are without representation. It is taxation without representation, the heart of the American Revolution, the war of Independence. Today the U. S Government and the Federal Judiciary dishonor the 50,000 soldiers who died for our freedom and the U.S. Constitution and all those who have died protecting it since.

I did not ask for this assignment. I had no desire to be drafted into a political war. Edward Snowden and I took very different paths for the same purpose. To hold the Government accountable and responsible for its crimes. You know where Snowden is. Where has the path of proper channels gotten me?

The Path to enlightenment is narrow and sharp as the razor’s edge!

I might be off my rocker or maybe not. Pay attention America, decide for yourself, but do your homework and ask yourself why this is not been covered in the media. Ask yourself why, if the USDA is right to have avoided the evidence and my constitutional right to present it for so long, why has the Federal Judiciary protected the Government from the Jury trial that is my constitutional right?

If you think I’m off my rocker, I say read my blog, and review the linked and referenced evidence. If you still believe I’m lying or off my rocker then read the 1000-plus pages and evidence filed in Federal Court on pacer, it’s accessible by everyone. If you still believe, I’m off my rocker, give me a grand jury, If I can’t convince them, then put me in the nut house, If not,  stand up and hold your Government and the Judiciary accountable to the constitution and the law. Put them and this country back on the right side of the path.

The path to salvation is narrow and sharp as the razor’s edge.

Chris Julian

@blueridgespring on twitter

instagraham blueridgesprings

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