Today a special Warm Christmas Cheer!

To: Congress and the Senate for the incompetent portions of Dodd-Frank requiring creditors to hold unsecured credit instead of real estate secured debt. To the SBA for being worthless! The USDA for crimes and criminal acts by their associates together with the administrative RICO Enterprise use stealing constitutional rights, avoiding accountability, and responsibility, usurping the judicial system hiding from the law with sovereign immunity. For stealing civil rights fair and equal justice, and due process. To Virginia State University Agricultural Mediation Program for their complete and utter dereliction of duty in handling our mediation request and failure to inform us they’d lost their mediation certification. To US Federal District Court for prejudice in favor of Federal and State governments. The Federal Judiciary has been unconstitutional, aiding and abetting Federal Government agencies with  Chevron Bias. To all of you! Thanks for your contributions to the destruction of Our Lives, Our Livelihood, Our Dreams, Our Marriage, Family, Sanity, and now 4 of my young daughters’ Christmas. For your Judicial Abuse, Failure to abide by your oaths of office, failing to uphold the constitution, failure to uphold the laws of this nation, and granting Government despotic repression over We The People. For our lost faith in humanity, Government, the power of the constitution, and Justice from the Judiciary. May each of you find your place in Hell much sooner than you thought!

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