Judicial Anticipation

So I filed a lawsuit Pro-Se? That means, I’m no Pro and could not afford a lawyer to take my case or find one I could afford. Trust me most wanted $200.00 an hour just to listen to my story. I had one wanting $ 800.00 an hour.  They say a Lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client. What’s that make me? I’m no Lawyer.

Filling a lawsuit representing yourself is, let’s face it, scary!  Do you really have a case? Are you fooling yourself? Can you learn enough about the process to pull it off? The statistics would say NO!

In my case, the Government has done everything it can to cause as much financial duress going into this as possible. The process is designed to take forever. I believe the whole intention is to make it so painful and put you in such a bad financial situation you’ll just go away, or die of starvation trying. It took 12 months of administrative BS just to have their permission to take the case to Federal court. Oh and the whole issue stems from requesting a loan I was not eligible for, if I could have found credit elsewhere and their incompetent, untrained individuals denying the request, In our opinion fraudulently and illegally.

Now I have to say I  feel the gravity of my lawsuit makes my case that much more daunting. After all, I have alleged the USDA is running a racketeering operation and a Virginia State employee is an alleged participant. That puts me in Federal court challenging the  DOJ U.S. Attorney Generals’ office ‘The largest and most funded legal firm in the US and The Virginia State Attorney General. No competition there in my first ever hopefully only lawsuit of my life. I can’t pay my bills, feed my family, or Afford help and they’re funded with unlimited Government resources being used to rape the citizens they’re funded to help.

The last motion by the State attorney General had two valid questions to answer from our Pro se perspective. 1 Did the complaint state a claim upon which relief could be granted? 2. Would a state employee that completely abrogated their duty be allowed to escape suit with sovereign immunity?

I felt the first question was obviously no because there was no question plaintiffs had shown sufficient evidence to support a high plausibility of being able to prove a supportable cause of action. On the second question, it seems obvious that previous court rulings would not allow sovereign immunity protection where the State’s servants sidestepped outside their official duties and did not perform their function in the interest of the state. Why has the court not been able, or is it unwilling to rule on these questions?

The court gave me 21 days to respond to the motion “well sort of”. The State attorney got 7 days to reply to my response but, now the courts had 45 days to rule and still haven’t done so. Evidence court Bias Why is it taking the Federal court so long to rule?  Perhaps the ruling is more complex than we perceive. Perhaps the courts worried about the ruling? Or perhaps it’s as simple as they want to delay the ruling to manipulate the docket. See the U.S. attorney is due to respond to the allegations against the  USDA  on January 14, 2014. By delaying the ruling the State is getting a reprieve from having to respond to the complaint “I.e. If the rulings are in my favor they do not have to respond to the complaint until 14 days after the courts ruling” Do you believe the court would delay the ruling in order to put the responsibility of the State and the USDA on or about the same day?

The court’s failure to rule leaves the plaintiffs with a prolonged unanswered complaint. Worried about the court’s view of the merits of their case, Worried by the perceived bias of the court. Continued financial duress. The forced wait is just a mind fuck, intentional inflection of duress. Would you view withholding a ruling from a Pro Se to manipulate the docket for the benefit of State and Federal defendants as prejudicial?

If that’s what’s really going on then we should see a ruling in the last days of December. I would like to take bets on whether the Government answers the complaint or whether they motion again for some delay. No matter how any of this goes the outcome is serious and the questions of Government and Law very interesting.

Will the judicial system enforce Federal law on an agency of the U.S. Government?
Will the judicial system allow the Government sovereign immunity protection for racketeering! Just how will all this proceed through the court?
Will the court deny the suit because the FTCA requires getting the agency’s permission? But, we did not sue them for the torts. What will the court do about the clearly illegal acts committed by Governmental employees? What about the illegal acts we have yet to pursue in anticipation of eliminating reasonable doubt with discovery?

The mental, physical, emotional, and financial torture of me and my family sucks. However, we find the story unfolding fascinating, and yet with all the attempts to get media coverage we’ve been shown no interest. Why?  Does the media know something we don’t?

Do you think waiting for a ruling is emotionally taxing? How about when you represent yourself against the largest legal firm in the country defending the wealthiest nation on the planet?

4:2013 cv00054 JLK Judge Jackson L. Kiser presiding.

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