Dear ACLU of VA

Dear ACLU,

I have tried for some time to get someone to take an interest in my legal challenges. I’m hoping since my case is all about Government corruption stealing the civil rights of the people, specifically the right to Due Process and the Right to equal justice under the law as well as challenging the Government’s sovereign immunity for violation of the laws of the sovereign and abrogating the judicial system the ACLU might have an interest in my case.

I believe I have standing, and substantial, hard, and circumstantial evidence to support the allegations; The USDA is operating an organized fraudulent racketeering operation denying individuals constitutional rights while usurping the judicial system to hide incompetent administration of the people’s resources and to manage legal risk expenses. I believe I can show how this is being done and provide the evidence to support the allegations, however, I believe in truly taking the actions that should be taken to shut down or fix the tyranny, oppression, and financial devastation on U.S. Citizens and to expose the depth of corruption in this illegal operation will take a great deal more resources than I will be able to supply alone.

I have filed a lawsuit in Federal District Court of Virginia Western District Case# 4:2013-CV-00054JLK claiming a RICO violation.  Multiple things have occurred with my case I perceive as prejudicial by the court. Giving me pause as to the Judicial interest in protecting the government in this matter.  I currently have been waiting 45 days for the court to rule on a motion by the State Attorney General to dismiss, ‘their involvement in the case ?’ I have taken this action Pro-Se and think it beneficial to keep that status, however, I want someone, an organization, or the media to take an interest, in this case, to ensure that justice prevails. Please feel free to review the case docket on or call and ask for any information.

Tens of Thousands of farmers have been ruined by this organization in the past. The organization has a decades-long history of civil rights violations, The process they have developed to mitigate the legal risk from these violations, in my opinion, is a fraudulent racketeering operation designed to allow members to commit crimes by hiding behind sovereign immunity to avoid responsibility or accountability for the corrupt incompetent administration of the people’s resources. They do this and smile while destroying the lives of those they are supposed to serve.

Can you help?

Thanks for taking the time to read.
Chris Julian
474 Orchard View Drive
Ararat, VA 24053

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