The Weak

We’re a week away from the due date set by the court for the U.S. Attorney General to reply to the complaint as representation for the USDA. Unlike previously they’ve not called indicating their intent to request a further extension. Therefore, we anticipate some sort of response. None to soon after four months of awaiting a response our mental health grows weak.

The court did not and has not ruled on the Virginia State Attorney Generals offices Motion to dismiss and claim of Sovereign immunity. Given our conundrum explained in the last post. A Legal Conundrum by Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 5(b)(2)(e)”  we’re just not sure really what to make of their silence. I considered a motion for summary judgement but, that would negate a gross negligence charge, and eliminate the potential for discovery. We’d really like to know Who,What,When, and especially Why?  By not providing a ruling the court is effectively delaying any requirement for a response. If the court considers the point mute, then we should expect default judgement for failure to respond to the complaint, and failure to set a hearing on the motion which is also not effective for failure to serve. Court Bias Was all of the States move just a red hearing to avoid responding to the complaint? Does that not deserve sanctions?  Did the court knowingly aid the State? Court Biased ? 

It’s 19 degrees outside. Only heat we have is the fireplace. The temperature dropped to 2 last night. My daughter is complaining of being cold. No wonder in a house without,windows and doors, a finished roof, or insulation. A government agency, grossly negligent, incompetent personnel, fraudulent and criminal behaviors. People lost their jobs, businesses, and lives destroyed; my daughter freezing all because a Government agency wants to deny a loan application because this unfinished self built self funded home is large.

For what we allege are gross negligent, fraudulent, criminal acts by Government employees and racketeering by Government agencies. The Government wants to claim sovereign immunity. We can’t be held responsible or accountable for breach of the laws we enacted because, we’re the sovereign we’re beyond reproach. The land of freedom and democracy with rights protected under the constitution unless of course the Government steals them?  Yes America what a wonderful country, or is it one of tyranny and oppression?  Just what kind of response will the Department of Justice offer. What will the court do?  Regardless we will fight! For truth, honor, and justice – may the unbending sword of truth prevail.

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