Op Ed for the Federal Courts

I am not a lawyer. I have a formal education and decades of experience as an accountant / analyst. I trained and became a computer programmer and managed financial technical teams and business analyst teams for some of the largest financial consolidations in US history. Although, I’m not a lawyer I’m now representing myself against the largest most funded legal council arguably on the planet.

Although, this is my first, hopefully only legal escapade of my life, I spent most of my career analyzing rules. True they were not the law necessarily but they always involved seeking the truth. Rules for the, Financial Accounting Standards Board FASB. Internal Revenue Service IRS,  Federal Regulatory Reporting for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency OCC, Programming rules requiring that no application of logic ever abended. Consequently, I have a great deal of experience reading, comprehending, and applying rules for truth, presentation and understanding, that had to balance.

However, I find myself having issues with the application of Federal Rules of civil procedure in the Fourth District Federal Court System. I contacted the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. This court promptly directed me to the Judicial Conduct & Disability page of their web site. While I did not find my complaint apropos to the application of these rules. I would like to aver arguendo the rules obfuscate the requirements for a legitimate complaint to be usurpation with despotic and haughtier transgression of the common man.  The sites assertion “Almost all complaints in recent years have been dismissed because they do not follow the law about such complaints” is preponderantly unassailable axiomatic evidence that the obfuscation of the enigmatic rules serves  as usurpation of Due Process making the court Un reproachable. In my humble opinion a Sine Qua Non obligation to reform the rules to clarity, a constitutional right of due process.

UpDate 4-21-2017 – I want it understood, the rules referred to in this post were at some point in time after its posting changed and are far more comprehendible today. Although, I suspect few can follow them to satisfy the court still. The Court will dismiss any criticism of any judge or court to defend the integrity the court does not really have.

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