Lies, Lying, Liar, All in a days work at the USDA.

Come on America. There is absolutely no legitimate justification for a civil servant to lie under oath giving false testimony against the very people they are to serve!!!

Below the allegation of perjury made against Ronald A. Kraszewski Farm Loan Manager FSA / USDA Chatham VA.  In the original and only complaint allowed by the Federal District Court of Danville, VA.

P18 from Original and only Pleading

Here is the Audio Portion taken from the Hearing Audio file you may listen if you like to. Ronald K’s Perjury.wav

Exhibit’s G, Z, and A can be viewed here in the Complaint Exhibits Folder.

Or in the excerpt below

Form Exhibts G an Z.

Living Expenses or Labor

The complaint and the exhibits, all but the Audio recording were on Pacer for U S District Court Western District Case 4:13-CV-00054. Listen to Ron in the March 9th Pre Hearing relate labor to Living expenses.  Ron’s Ineptitude.

The Suit was filled on pacer with a civil cover sheet  against the USDA for Racketeering September 2012.  Follow along Please. The definition of  predicate act offenses for a charge under this RICO Statue includes predicate act 1503 (relating to Obstruction of Justice) at the bottom of the next exhibit. ‘Google of ‘Racketeering RICO’  and refer to  the Cornell law publication this came from. You can read the Complaint See the Pleading with Cover Sheet and Exhibits Here.




Would you agree the following excerpt makes sense.  “Whoever corruptly endeavors to influence, any officer in, or of any court of the United States, Or officer who may be serving at any examination”

  • Mr. Kraszewski testified under penalty of perjury to a hearing officer of the National Appeals Division of USDA an Agency of the U.S. Government.
  • He had conversations with Mr. Julian where, Mr. Julian requested to be paid living expenses.
  • He was asked multiple times by the hearing officer to confirm this and repeatedly made false statements regarding a material fact at issue in the hearing.
  • Listen for your self.  It’s a very disturbing life event to have a Civil Servant lying under oath in an attempt to cover for his incompetence knowing that if he is believed it will destroy everything you worked your whole life for.
  • Note that the original declination letter proved that FSA had made the assumption entirely on their own accord AND contrary to the documentation they had been given.
  • Living Expenses or Labor


Mr. Kraszewski’s lie was an effort to protect a reason FSA gave for denying the loan . Like the allegation made that we requested to pay off real estate debt made without ever pulling a credit report. Debt that did not even exists!  And pulled from discussion by the hearing officer.

When I asked USDA to address this issue they told me to get an attorney! Now the Federal District Court is granting this crew sovereign immunity, and stating they did not do anything outside what might be a legitimate course of action for their job.

Come on America. There is absolutely no legitimate justification for a civil servant to lie under oath giving false testimony against the very people they are to serve on a material fact that would cause serious harm if effective. What kind of justice system lets such an act simply be described as a legitimate job function. Excerpt below was taken from the Judges memorandum of opinion you can find a link at the bottom of the page if you would like to explore the whole ruling.

Judges Assement of Lying under oath.

The hearing officer who was factually biased by the Agencies own handbook rules in this case. Covered for Mr. Rigney stating their was a disagreement about what was said. But the Facts and evidence available prove Mr. Kraszewski lied under penalty of perjury. 

Jerry King

From the Hearing Officers Ruling: see Exhibit AE in the Complaints link if you like to see the whole document.

I believe this qualifies as obstruction under the definition provided in 18 U.S. 1503 Influencing or injuring an Officer or Juror Generally! What do you Think America?

The Federal District Court Judge of Danville Judge Jackson L. Kiser said the following in his Memorandum Opinion verify on pacer if you like.

SEC 1503 Influencing an Officer

Update 4-24-2017 The Court fails to recognize the jury is to decide a case and the law is on trial just as much as the case to be decided. judge. The Jury should decide if its just part of the Agencies racket to obstruct justice.

See the Memorandum Opinion Here if you like.

This is all one big cover up of a corrupt Government Agency America. Think carefully what it means when Government employees are free to make false testimony under oath to your detriment without any ramifications. And Judges are granted the same immunity when they ignore the law!


Update 7-26-2016

Look again think twice.

Under Title 5 Chapter 7 judicial review limits the courts review of agency action to a review of the agency record.

All events then, occurring in the compilation of the agency record, are directly attributable in a natural and continuous sequence unbroken, by an efficient intervening cause to be testimony before a Federal judge.

Chief Justice Harlan F. Stone said the juror ”is voting on the justice of the law according to his own conscience and convictions and not someone else’s. The law itself is on trial quite as much as the case which is to be decided”

18 U.S.C. 1503 ”or” 1505 is there really any deference is it really 1505 “and” 1503? The jury must decide!

Remember the court instructed us not to cite Statues, Make Legal Arguments, or Cite cases when filing the complaint and denied any amendment.


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