While a left leaning liberal, I Will Not Support Hillary!

While a left leaning liberal, I Will Not Support Hillary!

‪    I cannot support Hillary Clinton for President and here is why. President Bill Clinton signed the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). See NAFTA at 20 Additionally, he signed UN Agenda 21 agreement. See Agenda 21 and President Clinton signed the Department of Agriculture Reorganization Act of 1994. See William J. Clinton Statement.  Since NAFTA almost 2 million small farmers have been displaced. Agenda 21 goals without the people’s knowledge advocated  green growth, smart growth, sustainable, and save the planet plans limiting the use and ownership of private property, and, in some cases, leading to confiscation of property and return to wilderness.  Agenda 21 proposes the concentration of people away from rural areas and into cities. Is this why so many farmers have been wiped out by the USDA and NAFTA? I’m all for Green but their better ways to do it than despotic tyranny and oppression of small and often poor farmers. Watch the Story of Martha Boneta. The circumstances surrounding her story and mine have a great many similarities.  Farming in Fear 

Under President Clinton, Dan Glickman became secretary of agriculture in 1995 and settled the class action discrimination suit of Pickford v. Glickman in 1999. Mike Espy in 1994 his last and only year as Secretary also a  lawyer  promulgated into law the National Appeals Division (NAD) of the USDA. He followed the establishment by promulgating into law that NAD would not adhere to the federal rules of evidence. He was then replaced by Dan Glickman. Was the reorganization act, the creation of NAD, the replacement of Espy a conspiracy to protect the USDA from legal liabilities, as they used USDA farm loans to gobble up land to support Agenda 21 and NFTA objectives at the expense of Small American Farmers? Why have so many small farmers disappeared while mega farms grew and moved out of the country?

Stop for just a minute and ask yourself these questions. Who gets involved in helping farmers with Government Administrative appeals? Who beneifits with a farmer going bankrupt? Who benefits in the Farmers loss of their farm land? Think maybe lawyers, courts, judges etc?

President Clinton and Dan Glickman both lawyers put into place what I allege is an unconstitutional racketeering enterprise designed to steal the constitutional rights of farmers and protect USDA associates from accountability or responsibility for criminal acts. This racket is responsible for thousands of acts of judicial abuse and denial of civil rights. A Racketeering enterprise which I allege the Federal courts aided and abetted illegally and unconstitutionally to deny my lawsuit for racketeering and avoid a trial by jury in federal court.  A racket the Federal Courts have aided for decades by granting unconstitutional deference to USDA agencies.

The head of this enterprise is the current Secretary of Agriculture  Tom Villisack who reports directly to the President. Think about these facts. The Secretary of Agriculture is operating a racketeering enterprise in violation of Federal Law and in violation of Governments constitutional obligation to operate legally and within the law and he or she reports directly to the President of the United States. Does that imply the President of the United States is actually the head of a criminal enterprise protected by immunity and seemingly protected and assisted by the Federal Judiciary? How can that possibly square with the Presidents sworn duty to uphold the law and the constitution?

Please understand such an enterprise is protected from prosecution by anyone other than a private citizen with standing. To my knowledge I’m the only individual that has ever sought remedy of this in Federal Court through a RICO civil cause of action. Please refer to my postings on this blog blueridgesprings.wordpress.com for more on these racketeering allegations. Follow along as the story continues to unfold. Be sure you look at the Youtube video of Andrew Breitbart on  Piggford at CPAC. Then know Andrew  died in his forties of an apparent heart attack surrounded by questionable circumstances. Here is a link to that video > Breitbart on Piggford at CPAC

Then read this Seattle Times / Los Angels times  article on Piggford’s ‬experience after winning that suit for discrimination against African American farmers. Farmer who sued USDA and won now grappling with IRS. I suggest that we all take pause in knowing that the Women and Hispanic farmers settlement closed and while there were 53,803 people who applied. They only approved 2,504 women, and 706 Hispanics. That is less than 6% of the claimants. Based on my knowledge of the USDA racketeering enterprise, I suspect the numbers should be much higher likely even 100%. Those denied a settlement are attempting to band together on Facebook and  heres a link to that group> Hispanic & Women Farmer’s and Ranchers Settlement Claimants Group

You can read about Hispanic farmers plight here Hispanic Farmers Fight to Sue USDA. You can read about new claims from   Alabama Black Farmers Sue USDA.  You can read about the discrimination suit of White Farmers at White Farmers Suing USDA/FSA. You can look at the history of discrimination claims against the USDA at History of Discrimination claims. (Note the White Farmers Suit was dismissed as White farmers cannot be discriminated against under existing laws.) I would suggest after reading these you read Breitbart’s Piggford Report: Distortions and Shady Sourcing. Then you can read about Andrews report being vindicated Better Late Than Never New York Times Confirms Andrew.

I’m prepared to go to court and make my case before a jury, that in fact the USDA is operating a racketeering enterprise. But will the Federal courts ever allow it? The more I learn and find out about this operation it leads me to believe the USDA’s Farm Loan Program is actually a vehicle to launder under the table payoffs. There is no better way in todays environment to hide such payoffs than by making payments to principle or rolling over a mortgage loan hidden on a Government loan servicing system. Making mortgage payments is a common way to conceal bribes. How many congressman and Senators own or operate a farm? How involved is Monsanto in farming? How involved are other major companies in the commerce of Agriculture? How many former Government officials end up working for these firms or vise versa? How many legislators actually have USDA mortgages?  How many legislators directly or indirectly receive farm subsidies? For a general idea on the last question read Farm Subsidies Paid to the Members of the 112th Congress It would also be nice to know this on the Senate. You can see more on our legislators in Taxpayers Gave 15 Members of Congress 238K in Farm Subsidies.   Including Tom Villisack.  How many Judges have farming operations would also be a great question.


If you read through these links you will find articles by, Delta Farm Press, Ebony Magazine, Seattle Times, La Times, NY Times, Washington post. I have yet to have my story told in the media. I wonder where is the outrage over our Government operating a criminal enterprise to the determent, destruction, and despotic torture of its citizens? Where Mr. President is the Justice? I cannot conceive of anything that undermines the integrity of our nation more than the truth the U.S. Government is criminally operating against American Citizens aided by Federal courts ignoring the law and the constitution while destroying the foundations of this country.

If you read Breitbart’s Piggford Report in its entirety it implicates President Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, and President Barack Obama. Today, I was made aware of Hillary’s plans for rural America. You can read them at Hillary Clintons’s Plan for a Vibrant Rural America  However, if you read everything here I suggest you take a highly skeptical view of  Hillary’s plan and wonder if its anything more than an attempt to buy votes from rural America or even something else more sinister. Its no secret FSA, NAD, USDA and the Federal Judiciary has used their racket to terrorize my family and I now since 2012.

Update 2-25-2016 Take a close look at this video Hillary will say whatever she thinks is the right message to get elected. Why does she want it so bad? Hillary Clinton in Black History.

Lets not forget President Clinton also signed into law the repeal of Glass Steagall, which likely  was the root cause of the financial collapse, and subsequently Dodd Frank, and consequently, the destruction of my life’s work. Therefore, I would have to say President Clinton’s presidency killed the American dream for my family and I.See What is Glass Steagall. 

On a slightly different note  my journey through the court system has educated me to the nationwide epidemic in Judicial corruption. I have petitioned the White House to reform the Judiciary as demanded by Article 2 Clause 5 of the Constitution of the United States. Please take time to sign this petition. Petition Link and here is why: Update 1-18-2016 Petition killed.Petition

Look at those numbers and then consider:

1 in every 110 people in the U.S. is a convicted Felon.

As of May 2012, a total of 3,294 individuals had been appointed to federal judgeships.

How many Federal Judges have there been in the last 225 years?

Some how their average is extrodinarly better than the countries human average?

You can read the complete text of Dr Richard Cordero’s analysis at this link: Exposing Judges Unaccountability and Consequent Riskless Wrongdoing. This is an issue of grave national importance and needs to be a topic on the platform of every Presidential Candidate. However, that will not happen unless the publics heart begins to beat to the tune of reform/revolution.  Also you can tune in Tuesday-Thursday from 4 – 7 on twigscaferadio.com  for Jasikoff & Friends, Sanity Check,and Justice served to hear from individuals experiencing these Judicial issues.

I leave you with this thought. Corrupt Judges, train law clerks to become corrupt lawyers, who become corrupt legislators, making laws to corrupt, and appointing corrupt State judges. More often than not one of these lawyer legislators becomes President and then gets to appoint Federal Judges and Supreme Court judges who are voted in primarily by Lawyers turned legislators. This is the epitome of a good ole boy crony capitalist network. Is it an illuminati conspiracy?  You have an obligation as an American citizen to become aware of the depth of this problem. Update 1-17-2016. September 28, 1820 Thomas Jefferson expressed his concerns about this very issue as he wrote in a letter to William Jarvis on the subject of Judicial review.

 “You seem … to consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions; a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy. Our judges are as honest as other men, and not more so. They have, with others, the same passions for party, for power, and the privilege of their corps…. Their power [is] the more dangerous as they are in office for life, and not responsible, as the other functionaries are, to the elective control. The Constitution has erected no such single tribunal, knowing that to whatever hands confided, with the corruptions of time and party, its members would become despots. It has more wisely made all the departments co-equal and co-sovereign within themselves”

Update 1-19-2016 Now look at this!

Bill Clinton Judicial Appointments.

Congress has been unwilling to allow nominations from President Obama to be confirmed. See Senate conservatives no more appointments 

Update 3-5-2016 Watch this video on the Assignation of John Kennedy Jr. Are those in this video in conspiracy with the Clintons? Who was President when John died? Which Senators were involved in Piggford v. Glickman?  Sherrod Brown Statement on Passage: ” Sherrod Brown was an original co-sponsor of the Pigford Claims Remedy Act along with President Barack Obama, Vice President Joseph R. Biden, and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, and Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA). The legislation would give each denied Pigford claim another chance at full determination. This February, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack and Attorney General Eric Holder mandated that Congress appropriate the remaining funds for this settlement. Is this an opportunity for the new world order to control the country?  Are you sure you want Hillary appointing the next round of Judges and Supreme court nominees? If the Legal Profession is working with the Executive branch of Government as the facts suggest Hillary and her potential judicial appointments are a serious national security risk. ”

See the Man who survived Bill and Hillarie’s Hit 

If your into Illuminati theories look at this document on Bill Clintons Criminal Background and This Video on Hillary’s Criminal BackgroundI make no representation about the information in these links   Everything else in this post is true to the best of my knowledge. 

SeeAlso this important piece on The CLINTON Murders

UpDate May 15, 2016 Rothchilds hold 100,000  a plate fundraiser for Hillary Clinton.


Rockfeller and Clinton One World Order

Think very hard about whether you want another lawyer in the White House. Consider carefully all the legal questions raised about Bill & Hillary’s past and the perception they lie both have backgrounds as lawyers. I hope the country will not take the chance with Hillary  and vote for Bernie!

Update 1-22-2016 TTIP European Farmers have discovered TTIP is very bad for small farmers. Is it all part of the plan. Wipe out small farmers by ruining their business then take their land for UN Agenda goals, Gift agriculture to big Ag and bio engineered  chemical companies like monsanto? Read how TTIP is seen affecting EU agriculture. Down Fall of European Agriculture.


Update: 1-14-2016 See why Anonymous just endorsed Bernie Sanders> Anonymous Just Announced Who They Support for President. 

Update 1-26-2016 There is more you need to know about this coming in the next bloq post. 

Update 1-29-2016 My motions to the court as well as the DOJ’s Councils notice of appearance have not been docketed. My motions which have not been answered requested the Judges attest to haven taken the judicial oath of office and to adhere to that oath through out the proceedings. The dishonorable Judge Jackson L. Kiser once threatened to refuse to docket any motion I made. Perhaps the condition is contagious! Pehaps its simply an admission of guilt. 

Update 2-12-2016 – Note read this article “Victims of the Federal Bootprint” and realize the racketeering enterprise  USDA is operating is all about denying people their Due Process Rights. How many other agencies are doing the same.

Update 3-1-2016- Is Donald Trump a Cabal member seeking to help Hillary get elected? Donald and Bill Talked Politics weeks before launching campaigns


CB Julian Not a Pro Pro-Se per se.





Lies, Lying, Liar, All in a days work at the USDA.

Come on America. There is absolutely no legitimate justification for a civil servant to lie under oath giving false testimony against the very people they are to serve!!!

Below the allegation of perjury made against Ronald A. Kraszewski Farm Loan Manager FSA / USDA Chatham VA.  In the original and only complaint allowed by the Federal District Court of Danville, VA.

P18 from Original and only Pleading

Here is the Audio Portion taken from the Hearing Audio file you may listen if you like to. Ronald K’s Perjury.wav

Exhibit’s G, Z, and A can be viewed here in the Complaint Exhibits Folder.

Or in the excerpt below

Form Exhibts G an Z.

Living Expenses or Labor

The complaint and the exhibits, all but the Audio recording were on Pacer for U S District Court Western District Case 4:13-CV-00054. Listen to Ron in the March 9th Pre Hearing relate labor to Living expenses.  Ron’s Ineptitude.

The Suit was filled on pacer with a civil cover sheet  against the USDA for Racketeering September 2012.  Follow along Please. The definition of  predicate act offenses for a charge under this RICO Statue includes predicate act 1503 (relating to Obstruction of Justice) at the bottom of the next exhibit. ‘Google of ‘Racketeering RICO’  and refer to  the Cornell law publication this came from. You can read the Complaint See the Pleading with Cover Sheet and Exhibits Here.




Would you agree the following excerpt makes sense.  “Whoever corruptly endeavors to influence, any officer in, or of any court of the United States, Or officer who may be serving at any examination”

  • Mr. Kraszewski testified under penalty of perjury to a hearing officer of the National Appeals Division of USDA an Agency of the U.S. Government.
  • He had conversations with Mr. Julian where, Mr. Julian requested to be paid living expenses.
  • He was asked multiple times by the hearing officer to confirm this and repeatedly made false statements regarding a material fact at issue in the hearing.
  • Listen for your self.  It’s a very disturbing life event to have a Civil Servant lying under oath in an attempt to cover for his incompetence knowing that if he is believed it will destroy everything you worked your whole life for.
  • Note that the original declination letter proved that FSA had made the assumption entirely on their own accord AND contrary to the documentation they had been given.
  • Living Expenses or Labor


Mr. Kraszewski’s lie was an effort to protect a reason FSA gave for denying the loan . Like the allegation made that we requested to pay off real estate debt made without ever pulling a credit report. Debt that did not even exists!  And pulled from discussion by the hearing officer.

When I asked USDA to address this issue they told me to get an attorney! Now the Federal District Court is granting this crew sovereign immunity, and stating they did not do anything outside what might be a legitimate course of action for their job.

Come on America. There is absolutely no legitimate justification for a civil servant to lie under oath giving false testimony against the very people they are to serve on a material fact that would cause serious harm if effective. What kind of justice system lets such an act simply be described as a legitimate job function. Excerpt below was taken from the Judges memorandum of opinion you can find a link at the bottom of the page if you would like to explore the whole ruling.

Judges Assement of Lying under oath.

The hearing officer who was factually biased by the Agencies own handbook rules in this case. Covered for Mr. Rigney stating their was a disagreement about what was said. But the Facts and evidence available prove Mr. Kraszewski lied under penalty of perjury. 

Jerry King

From the Hearing Officers Ruling: see Exhibit AE in the Complaints link if you like to see the whole document.

I believe this qualifies as obstruction under the definition provided in 18 U.S. 1503 Influencing or injuring an Officer or Juror Generally! What do you Think America?

The Federal District Court Judge of Danville Judge Jackson L. Kiser said the following in his Memorandum Opinion verify on pacer if you like.

SEC 1503 Influencing an Officer

Update 4-24-2017 The Court fails to recognize the jury is to decide a case and the law is on trial just as much as the case to be decided. judge. The Jury should decide if its just part of the Agencies racket to obstruct justice.

See the Memorandum Opinion Here if you like.

This is all one big cover up of a corrupt Government Agency America. Think carefully what it means when Government employees are free to make false testimony under oath to your detriment without any ramifications. And Judges are granted the same immunity when they ignore the law!


Update 7-26-2016

Look again think twice.

Under Title 5 Chapter 7 judicial review limits the courts review of agency action to a review of the agency record.

All events then, occurring in the compilation of the agency record, are directly attributable in a natural and continuous sequence unbroken, by an efficient intervening cause to be testimony before a Federal judge.

Chief Justice Harlan F. Stone said the juror ”is voting on the justice of the law according to his own conscience and convictions and not someone else’s. The law itself is on trial quite as much as the case which is to be decided”

18 U.S.C. 1503 ”or” 1505 is there really any deference is it really 1505 “and” 1503? The jury must decide!

Remember the court instructed us not to cite Statues, Make Legal Arguments, or Cite cases when filing the complaint and denied any amendment.


Living Hell

I hoped; my next blog would be a short story on what the USDA put us through. However, to date, I’m only half finished writing it. I have to be in the mood to write and lately, I’ve felt the ball was in Federal Court giving me time to breathe. Today I feel I must speak out.

In May of 2012, we learned Congress had outlawed our plan to fund our business into existence. A simple, we thought hundred-year-old plan to debt finance our business startup using our real estate holdings as collateral,  Just like thousands of individuals and farmers over the last 200 years of American history.

Banks refused to help us. The SBA  offered little or no help but told us we would have to request funding through the USDA first.  Our business plan included a farming operation.

Heavily invested, development in progress, we did not complete an application until September 2012. We had every reason to believe our application would be approved but it was given negligent, fraudulent, prejudicial, treatment by the USDA Farm Service Agency FSA and the University of Virginia Agricultural Mediation Program. These acts were followed by further acts of negligence fraud and even perjury as well as a truly heinous racket carried out by the USDA National Appeals Division stealing due process rights to equal justice and a fair unbiased tribunal. A racket designed to abrogate judicial rights. Protect members of the enterprise from accountability or responsibility for criminal acts and grant them sovereign immunity.

A scheme to claim they denied our loan for valid reasons and hide that negligence, fraud, and prejudicial treatment had nothing to do with an indefensible denial. At least I’m willing to challenge them to do so before a jury of my piers. Today I felt compelled to write because 6 months ago  I Filed a lawsuit in Federal Court against the USDA, FSA, NAD, and the University of Virginia. agricultural Mediation Program director for RACKETEERING under the RICO Act.

As of today not a single defendant has responded to any allegation. The  Federal Court with 3 motions before it has yet to rule on a single motion. All of the defendants have stated they thought they were doing their job when they were negligent, committing fraud, and telling lies under penalty of perjury.  They’ve all pleaded the right to absolute immunity in their official capacities and qualified immunity in their individual capacities.

This is how the USDA is serving the people and spending your tax dollars. Keeping lawyers busy and putting poor hardworking farmers in the poor house and out of business.

Three people in my operation lost guaranteed work for a minimum of 2 years. My landlord lost a renter. My Mother at 89 lost significant time with the only granddaughter she ever had close to home. She was supposed to come live with us, instead, she lives alone with no one to care for her. She is homebound unable to leave the house and spends her days alone and saddened by all that’s been lost for not. My daughter has been deprived of an opportunity to truly relish a grandmother’s daily love and affection. My daughter, My wife, and I found out what it’s like to be homeless living on snap benefits and waking daily in the freezing cold, stepping out of bed onto an ice-cold concrete floor.

The business we spent our life savings on, 6 Years developing,  would now take at least 2 years of work to salvage. Thank you Congress Dodd-Frank, SBA, USDA, FSA, NAD, and the Agricultural Mediation Program at the University of Virginia.

Update 4-23-2017 To these should be added the Treason of the US Federal Judiciary and its judges who violate their sworn oaths to uphold the constitution and as traitors to a nation’s war against the Supreme Laws of this county giving us Government tyranny.

The government effectively made it illegal for us to get a mortgage when we needed one. Waiting on a horrid, and I would say the illegal administrative process of the USDA, as well as mediation which was delayed for inexplicable reasons, took us into debt. I liken the process to waterboarding and psychological rape. An intentional racketeering scheme designed obviously by USDA  lawyers to mitigate legal risk. You see you were only eligible for a USDA loan if you could not get credit elsewhere which thanks to Dodd-Frank were our case. So after following this fraud of an administrative process for almost a year, we found jobs but, the financial damages caused in the interim along with the state of development prevents us from finding a real estate secured loan even now that we’ve taken full-time employment – something hard to find in the rural countryside.

Almost 2 years since this ordeal began,16 months after beginning an appeal process with USDA-FSA, USDA-MEDIATION, and USDA-NAD, 8 months after filing a complaint with the USDA – Inspector General, 6 months after filing a lawsuit with the federal court, and 3 weeks after the first motion hearing. After writing Congress, the Senate, the consumer financial protection agency, and the President  We Cannot get any attention focused on our plight.  Any wonder Edward Snowden did what he did? He would have spent his entire life trying to get appropriate attention through proper channels.

60 min, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Diane Swayer, Piers Morgan, and the local papers. have all been contacted and not one has reported on our lawsuit or even called to ask a single question about our story. Maybe, Maybe not, a conspiracy but it sure the hell feels like one. And the USDA Inspector General in 7 months has never even sent a letter acknowledging receipt of the complaint?

This is pretty much a living HELL.


My Mother and Daughter.