Anatomy of a Criminal Threat Absent Malice

In this post I used the following references, and as such, I’m relying on their content, This should stand as a good faith effort to ensure this post is within the Law. That is, its legally done. These linked articles are listed in order of relevance and reliance 1.9 Tips To help You UnderStand Criminal Threat Laws by Aizman Law Firm .2. Criminal Threats  by Nolo 3. “What are Criminal Threats and The Defences to This Charge” by Greg Hill Associates.

Why would I want to threaten anyone. Well its like this, I’ve been attempting to get justice from the U.S. Government specifically the USDA for almost three years now. I was locked out of the Mortgage market in 2011 as a result of the negligence and fraud of our To Big to Fail institutions, whose criminal activities gave us Dodd Frank legislation. I was told by the SBA I would need to work with the USDA because my business model involved farming. I was forced into homelessness because of criminal negligence, fraud, and discrimination by the FSA a division of USDA. The DOJ, I believe as counsel for USDA began an immediate program of cover up and denial. The NAD also a division of the USDA violated my constitutional rights and the law to protect the USDA from the criminal allegations. I took my case to Federal Court where Superior Federal District Judge Jackson L. Kiser also covered for the USDA with lies, deceit , deception and outright criminal denial of my constitutional rights. The Fourth circuit court of appeals simply passed on these acts without comment and the U. S. Supreme court denied certiorari. Please refer to the earlier blog post for details on these and other allegations I would like presented to a jury. Update March 27 and now once again criminally blocked in the courts by the Just Us System! Case # 1:15-cv-01344EJD the court of No Conscience!

I have from the beginning sought help with these crimes against my family from all of the major media outlets, the  ACLU, FBI,CIA, HomeLand Security, my congressman, my senator, the Inspector Generals office other congressmen and senators and even written the President of the United States multiple times. The White house has not responded now after 5 months to my most recent communication. Read the letter on the blog also posted on

Not one Agency, Not one Media outlet, has attempted to discuss the facts of these allegations with me or anyone in my family. Just like FSA personnel never asked a single question or even pulled a credit report before denying the loan application on a farm I already owned and had put 5 years of work into. Just like the “USDA”Office of inspector General which conducted and closed an investigation of Fraud, Negligence, and discrimination without ever asking me or my family a single question. There’s  always two sides to every story!!

I have have been raped by the U.S. Government, robbed by the USDA and the Federal Judiciary the evidence of these facts can be found in the court filings on the dockets for the Federal District Court of Virginia Western District Danville, the fourth circuit court of appeals, and the Supreme court filings. Additionally, I have written and provided evidence of many, but, by no means all of them on this blog.

The USDA, The Federal Courts, and the District courts have committed  numerous Federal  criminal offenses against me and to date. I have been denied my constitutional rights repeatedly.

  • To a fair hearing before an impartial tribunal
  • To Due Process
  • To Equal Justice Under the law
  • To a Trial By Jury as is my constitutional right.

My family and I are suffering daily under these criminal and unconstitutional actions of the U.S. Government and the U.S. Federal Judiciary. I’ve seen the degree to which they’re willing to ignore my constitutional rights and willing to commit criminal acts to do so. I intend to face the Government in Federal Court numerous times in the months, weeks, and years ahead. So I make this threat although, not a criminal one, Ironically for the express purpose of attempting to prevent more crimes against me and my family.

Does this post rise to the level of a criminal threat? Well it’s  certainly done in writing and by electronic means. However, It will not be directed at any specific individual, and it will be seriously questionable whether it can be taken as a believable threat. Read on for defense of this argument.

I respectfully request if you’re going to read more of this post you be fair and commit to reading one other Dumb and Dumber Judges Don’t Know English

Can the Prosecutor Prove it ? to quote Aizen’s law article linked above.

To prove that you are guilty of “criminal threats,” the prosecutor has to prove the following facts or elements1

  • You willfully2 threatened to unlawfully kill or cause great bodily injury3 to another person or the person’s immediate family;
  • You made the threat orally, in writing, or by electronic communication device4;
  • You intended that your statement be understood as a threat5;
  • The threat was so clear, immediate, unconditional, and specific that it communicated to the person being threatened a serious intention and the immediate prospect that the threat would be carried out6;
  • The threat actually caused the person to be in sustained7 fear for his/her own safety or for the safety of his/her immediate family;8AND
  • The threatened person’s fear was reasonable under the circumstances.

So to bullet points 1. Yes I’m willfully threatening to cause great bodily injury to no specific individual or their family.I’m making this threat in writing by electronic means of communication and in fact published it on my blog. Should be no question guilty on point 2. Yes, I most definitely intend my statement to be understood as a threat. Guilty on point 3.This threat is absolutely not immediate, in fact the consequences of this threat lie weeks, months, years and potentially even decades away.

The threat is also not unconditional, and the condition is based on the occurrence of a highly unlikely event. You see In numerous future legal confrontations with the United States and The United States Department of Agriculture.  Contrary to their actions in previous engagements, I’m conditioning this threat on the following demands.

  1. The United States and the Federal Judiciary will !
    1. Ensure that my constitutional rights to Due Process are not breached.
    2. Ensure that my constitutional rights to equal justice under the law are not breached. As an example refer to: and
    3. Ensure that my constitutional  right to a fair and impartial Jury trial are upheld.
    4. Ensure that my constitutional rights to present all relevant evidence are not unlawfully constrained.
    5. Ensure that my constitutional  rights as a Pro-Se litigant are upheld.
    6. Ensure that the Federal Courts do not violate another Federal Law against me.
    7. Ensure that hard physical evidence, plane as the nose on your face is not ignored. Please refer to
    8. Ensure that the Law will be followed and applied appropriately, thoroughly, and in accordance with their plain english meaning and prior precedent. Who is right the KING protecting himself or Please refer to : please ask yourself what interpretation do you have given these two very different and seriously damaging differences?
    9. Ensure the Law will be followed in accordance with the Judicial Oath of Office.
      1. That means your support logic best be iron clad! I’m no fool!
    10. Ensure that The Judge'(s) do not Pen  Names to a single written Lie. Please refer to and
    11. Ensure that the Defense will not be allowed to present Lies to the Judge. They can twist the truth, all they want but, lying will not be tolerated. Please refer to: and
    12. Ensure that cases move appropriately without excessive and intentional delays again. Refer to and
    13. Ensure that their will not be any ex parte communications again. Please refer to:

I demand that the conditions above be adhered to rigorously. It should be, a highly unlikely event, that any of these conditions are ever breached. Most of these are Constitutional rights the Government and the Judiciary have a sworn duty to uphold and owe the citizens of this country. Others a common respect and decency.After all, are witnesses not sworn to the truth. How pathetic for a judge or prosecutor to lie. They would not breach their oaths now would they? Therefore, no individual should have any fear of these conditions ever being breached or of them being imminent. However, of this I am now Judge and Jury, I  will determine if any of these conditions have been broken. If broken it is the Government and Federal Judiciary pulling the trigger and making me the vehicle through which vigilante justice will be served.

You can be assured that in this case vigilante justice will include torture greater than any Bush and Cheney ever imagined. Its called, a  vigilante BBQ.Individuals will be hogtied in barbwire, neck stretched head back, lassoed under arms and hung from a tree in sweltering heat, Tube shoved down their throats, forced fed and hydrated, oiled and burned alive waist up, kept alive until the maggots infesting their blistered bodies take their life.

I will not inform anyone I believe a condition has been breached. I will at a time, place, of my choosing randomly select an appropriate individual as the first casualty of war!

Now this is absolutely a written threat to do great bodily harm on no specific individual or at any specified time. It is conditioned on the occurrence of a highly unlikely event. The violation of my constitutional rights or the commission of another crime against my family by public servants.The intent is completely absent malice. It’s specifically warranted  for the express purpose of preventing further criminal acts against  my family and expressly intended for the purpose of good not evil. Therefor

But, America if one day a Vigilante BBQ is discovered rotting in a tree, be sure of two things. 1. The U.S. Government and Federal Judiciary are responsible for starting a new American revolution. 2. There will be more until I’m dead!

But it should be very clear on point 4 The threat is not immediate. The Threat is conditioned on the unlikely occurrence of specific events which should not occur as they are violations of law and the constitution. The threat is not directed at any specific individual and there is no immediate prospect that the threat will be carried out. So on point 4. Not guilty! 

Given the threat is not directed at any specific individual and is conditioned on the occurrence of an unlikely event no individual should be in immediate fear for his or her personal safety.So on point 5. Not Guilty

No individual should have any reason to believe a threat conditioned on the U.S. Government or the U.S. Federal Judiciary violating the law or the constitutional rights of an individual citizen of the United States would ever occur and consequently any fear founded on such an event is unreasonable. So on point 6. Not Guilty.

To believe the U.S. Government or the U.S. Federal Judiciary would deny an individual his constitutional rights or commit Federal crimes against him, Well that’s simply unbelievable, which consequently makes this an unbelievable threat! Right?

its a split decision, a tie, hung jury, or hung pig?

Having taken every appropriate path, and seen only despicable displays of criminal corruption and arrogant disrespect  of the law by both my Government and the federal Judiciary. Having had no media outlet or agency assists us in three years a tortured dog will bite.

In the words of  -Assata Shaktur  “Nobody in the world, nobody has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the people who were oppressing them”

If you read this blog post, I respectfully request you read the one linked below and reply at the bottom of the blog to the question presented in blue. Your vote really counts here!!

And there you have my immoral approach to morality. Fighting crime by thinking like, acting like,a criminal. Fighting fire with Fire!

May the guilty not sleep. There is no veil on this Judge Kiser, or is there?  I’m still anxiously waiting to toast your departure.

May the public understand a corrupted Federal Government aided by a corrupted Federal Judiciary is a formidable Mafia. WeThePeople must hold them accountable to their sworn duties. Countless men and women have died for the U.S. Constitution we must not let them down by giving it all up to the traitors with in us.

All I ask is a fair and equitable trial before a jury of my piers as is my constitutional right in civil causes of action under Article 3 clause 3 and the 7th amendment to the constitution of the United States. But, if i’m drafted to war again by my government I will fight. The Government has chosen treason and war over honor and justice. I am not a terrorist I am a true patriot unlike those ruining America and the world!  But ,there are very  few ways to punish narcissistic psychopaths!

The Path to Salvation is Narrow and Sharp as the Razors Edge.

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