Thomas Jefferson Explains Path to Oligarchy! William Jefferson Clinton Perfects It!

Thomas Jefferson Explains Path to Oligarchy! William Jefferson Clinton Perfects It!

May 1788 in Federalist No. 78 Alexander Hamilton wrote :

“A Constitution, is, in fact, and must be regarded by the judges, as a fundamental law.” ”The constitution ought to be preferred to the statute, the intention of the people to the intention of their agents.”

”Nor does this conclusion by any means suppose a superiority of the judicial to the legislative power. It only supposes that the power of the people is superior to both; and that where the will of the legislature, declared in its statutes, stands in opposition to that of the people, declared in the Constitution, the judges ought to be governed by the latter rather than the former. They ought to regulate their decisions by the fundamental laws, rather than by those, which are not fundamental. [Emphasis added]“

It can be of no weight to say that the courts, on the pretense of a repugnancy, may substitute their own pleasure to the constitutional intentions of the legislature. This might as well happen in the case of two contradictory statutes; or it might as well happen in every adjudication upon any single statute. The courts must declare the sense of the law; and if they should be disposed to exercise WILL instead of JUDGMENT, the consequence would equally be the substitution of their pleasure to that of the legislative body. The observation, if it prove any thing, would prove that there ought to be no judges distinct from that body.” [Emphasis added]

See [Exhibit 2].Federalist No. 78 Alexander Hamilton

Thomas Jefferson in a letter to William Jarvis September 28th 1820 about the constitution wrote:

“I feel an urgency to note what I deem an error in it, the more requiring notice, as your opinion is strengthened by that of many others. You seem in pages 84 and 148, to consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions; a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy. Our judges are as honest as other men, and not more so. They have, with others, the same passions for party, for power, and the privilege of their corps, Their power [is] the more dangerous as they are in office for life, and not responsible, as the other functionaries are, to the elective control. The Constitution has erected no such single tribunal, knowing that to whatever hands confided, with the corruptions of time and party, its members would become despots. It has more wisely made all the departments co-equal and co-sovereign within themselves.” [Emphasis added]

See [Exhibit 3].Excerpt from the writings of Thomas Jefferson.

Stop here and consider for a minute that at the time of Jeffersons letter the average life expectancy was a ripe old age of 37. Additionally, the case of Marbury v. Madison had established  precedent

“The solution he chose has properly been termed a tour de force. In one stroke, Marshall managed to establish the power of the court as the ultimate arbiter of the Constitution, to chastise the Jefferson administration for its failure to obey the law, and to avoid having the court’s authority challenged by the administration.”

From 1789 until 1855 all monetary claims based upon a congressional statute, an executive branch regulation, or a contract with the United States Government were handled by petitions to Congress.

In 1855 (10 Stat. 612) Congress established the Court of Claims to relieve its own workload. In 1861 at President Abraham Lincoln’s insistence congress granted the court of claims the essential judicial power to render final judgments in response to President Lincoln’s’ insistence in his annual message to congress in 1861 that

“ It is as much the duty of Government to render prompt justice against itself, in favor of citizens, as it is to administer the same, between private individuals”

See history on the Court of Federal Claims website.

The Administrative Procedures Act was born in a contentious political environment between 1933 and 1946 as detailed in the 1946 U.S. House of Representatives report detailing a “painstaking and detailed study and drafting” Based on one study, President Roosevelt commented that the practice of creating administrative agencies with the authority to perform both legislative and judicial work

“threatens to develop a fourth branch of government for which there is no sanction in the Constitution

In 1994 while the USDA was besieged with Civil and Criminal allegations President William Jefferson Clinton signed into law the Department of Agriculture Reorganization act of 1994. Subsequently, Mike Epsy then Secretary of Agriculture promulgated into law the National Appeals Divisions, See Title 7 Part 11 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). The Secretary then promulgated into law that the Federal Rules of Evidence shall not apply to proceedings under the National Appeals Division. See Title 7 CFR 11.4(b). 

Update – 3-17-2016- It’s important to note here that at the time President Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden was head of the Senate Judiciary committee. President William Jefferson Clinton’s Vice President Al Gore an environmental activist. Senator Joe Biden and Senator Barrack Obama cosponsored the Piggford v. Glickman settlements. If you don’t see the connections your blind! The good ole boy network of the ABA is at work rapping, robbing, and destroying the lives of small farmers by usurpation of the Constitution and the Judiciary.  After this legislations enactment  Judge Edward J. Damich was appointed to the Bench by William Jefferson Clinton in 1998 to the  Intellectual Property Counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee. May he have assisted in the legal construction of this criminal enterprise? See :Integrity & Independence in the Federal Judiciary ?

The Secretary of Agriculture is a Cabinet Member reporting directly to the President of the United States, which at that time was notably President William Jefferson Clinton. A President I might add who was a lawyer himself and was prolific at getting Federal, State, Appellate, and Supreme Court Justices into seats on the bench.

At this point the Secretary of Agriculture, reporting directly to the President had the United States Department of Agriculture USDA, and the NAD under his direct control  having eliminated the Federal Rules of Evidence.

Now you have an Executive Branch of the US Government with the power of all three branches of Government! Thomas Jefferson is rolling over!

President William Jefferson Clinton with Executive control of the Department of Agriculture. The USDA an Agency with administrative ability to promulgate into law under the code of federal regulations with the same force of law as statutes, and the National Appeals Division (NAD) also a division of the Department of Agriculture performing the Administrative Judicial functions. Where the Federal Judiciary will grant the USDA Chevron Bias to rewrite the laws to support NAD rulings. 


The only check on their power citizens now have over the department of Agriculture is Judicial review in Federal Court.

The Judiciary had at the time already begun exploiting precedent regarding  administrative agencies giving them extraordinary powers to interpret their own rules with Auer and Chevron Deference!

America has an Executive branch with the powers of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches and more disturbing, the Judiciary on review granting them the power to simply rewrite law to avoid accountability or responsibility for their lack of compliance with the laws they promulgated. Has the Judiciary and Executive branch of government become co conspirators?

For anyone following along understand USDA administrative procedures under NAD are written and designed for these two goals. The first is to eliminate any appearance of financial damages with deference. The second is to ensure any criminal complaint is kept out of the proceedings leaving the appellant to pursue court action under the FTCA. Having eliminated the financial damages with deference the court will look the other way claiming no harm “financial harm” no foul. As if the crimes played no role in the whole scam.

This is simply an intentional usurpation of the United States constitutional segregation of power! It is an unconstitutional act of treason. This is the Nations Food Supply, Massive Farm Loan Programs, Food Safety Inspections, Food Nutrition Services, the Nations National Forest and Parks, controlled by an Executive branch with unrestrained power! Has congress allowed such for other Agencies of Government?

Supreme Court Justices Alito, Scalia, and Thomas write, in their recent concurrences in Perez v. Mortgage Bankers Association No. 13-1041 Argued December 1, 2014—Decided March 9, 2015 that

judicial deference to agency interpretive rules cannot be squared with the constitutional structures of separation of powers, and checks and balances.”[Emphasis added]

Justice Thomas in particular provided a thorough and compelling review of the reasons why the Constitution separates powers between the three branches, and the evils that come from undivided government power.

Since the passage of the Agriculture Reorganization Act, NAFTA an signing of U.N. Agenda 21, all under William Jefferson Clinton, over 2 million small farmers have been displaced or bankrupted. Tom Vilisack of the USDA recently bragged farmers have declined by 22 million and farm land reduced by 23%. see Full Committee Public Hearing on State of the Rural Economy.2-24-2016.

Jefferson’s letter to William Jarvis in 1820 was prophetically spot on. The Judiciaries dangerous power coupled with passions for party, power, and privilege of their corps has erected and conceded us all to the hands of a single tribunal, turning them into despots placing We The People under the despotism of an oligarchy.

And I believe the true oligarchy is none other than the Fraternal order of lawyers > Judges and legislators in conjunction with their placement in Executive offices. I suggest you read my post

While a left leaning liberal, I Cannot Support Hillary 

Bernie Sanders has said after more than 25 years in office our Government is corrupt and powered by the influences of money and greed. Former President Jimmy Carter, as fine a man as I know has said our Government is no longer a Democracy but an Oligarchy. Jimmy Carter: The U.S. Is an “Oligarchy With Unlimited Political Bribery”

This country is seriously in need of a revolution which takes back our Government from the power of greed and the fraternal order of lawyers. We need to vote in a President, Congress, and Senate with few lawyers. Some would say I’m guilty of profiling lawyers. But, the facts speak for themselves, You want to be respected even honored you need to be honest, honorable, transparent, and remove the secrecy from behind closed doors. You need to be held accountable and responsible especially where your poking your hands in the publics interest.

You won’t respect? Earn it!

Slide1Because the rules don’t require it Judge Edward J. Damich Denies a request to affirm he has taken the oath of office and intends to abide by it. I never saw him take that oath. Given 4 Federal judges and 2 State Judges have not  followed the law in my legal battles with the U.S. Government. I expect the judge to affirm his intention to abide by the law upfront I want a promise of due process before they steal more of my life.

This is not in your favor. By Order of Judge Edward J. Damich.Note: Judge Damich was appointed to the bench by none other than William Jefferson Clinton.

Most of this information was part of my reply brief to the Governments Motion to Dismiss under Rule 12b. I believe Judge Damich should recuse himself. What do you think?

Here is an interesting Federal Law 18 U.S.C.2382

Update – 2-12-2016 – Federal, State, District, and National courts are not and have not been abiding by federal law. Our government is operating criminal racketeering operation and the media will not report it. I believe they are now after me I will not wind up like Andrew Brietbart. If approached by law enforcement I will not go like the quarry slave at night sustained and soothed by unfaltering trust. Law enforcement should be after the real criminals the corrupt lawyers, legislators, running our government and our courts.

Update – 2-19-2016 – Rudy Arredondo posted enlightening information on the Hispanic & Women Farmers & Ranchers Settlement Facebook page today. I have created this PDF version for your review and information.Hispanic & Women Farmer’s & Ranchers Settlement Claimants Group

Update – 2-21-2016 – New Clear Vision a Land without Farmers

Update – 2-21-2016- BFAA President Gary Grants website interesting read on the subject.


(linked documentation)

Chris Julian

Not a Pro Pro Se per Se.



How do you justify calling the Supreme Court Justices Traitors of “We The People”?

How do you justify calling the Supreme Court Justices Traitors of “We The People”?

Like This!

On April 27th 2015 the Supreme Court denied Certiorari to petition 14-1051. This Petition ask three questions but the number #1 question was “Is a Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization (RICO) Enterprise operating in and by a Federal Agency protected from civil suit for violation of the RICO act 18 U.S.C. 1964(C) for violations of 1961 and 1962 (a-d) by sovereign immunity or by provisions of the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA)?

The Federal Court and the appellate court upheld that failure to evoke the FTCA was a fatal flaw in my case. However, Civil Rico is not a suit for any TORT. It requires the commission of multiple felonies or torts to be invoked but, the federal statue states the law applies to the operation of an enterprise defined in 1962 causing damages to an individuals business and property stated in U.S.C.18 1964″ (c) Any person injured in his business or property by reason of a violation of section 1962 of this chapter may sue therefor in any appropriate United States district court and shall recover threefold the damages he sustains and the cost of the suit, including a reasonable attorney’s fee” Additionally, all precedent history indicates an Enterprise to be a  separate entity that does not enjoy sovereign immunity protection.

On March 24, 2014 The Federal district court Of VAWD ruled  it lacked jurisdiction in the matter because I had not asked the USDA for permission  (i.e filed form SF-95 requesting permission of USDA to sue them for being corrupt). The 4th Circuit court of appeals upheld this ruling!. Neither court offered any explanation of any kind as to how this was the case when all the precedent and stare decisis and prior statements of the supreme court were contrary to this ruling.   I found no record of any precedent being set for a Federal Agency being charged with violation of this Federal crime nor any suggestion in any case precedent or Supreme Court decision this statute would not apply to the USDA or any other government agency for that  Matter

. ” In United States v Angelilli 660 F. 2d 23  the second circuit stated in paragraph 27 available here the following.” 27 ” In sum, we view the language of § 1961(4), defining enterprise, as unambiguously encompassing governmental units, and we consider that the purpose and history of the Act and the substance of RICO’s provisions demonstrate a clear congressional intent that RICO be interpreted to apply to activities that corrupt public or governmental entities. We note that this view is shared by virtually every other court that has considered the question.

”  In United States of America v. Lawrence E. Warner and George H. Ryan, Sr. (2007) p 74-75 . The Second circuit addressed Sovereign immunity and provides a significant list of precedent to support that a Racketeering enterprise does not benefit from immunity. ”

“In arguing that states may not be considered “legal entities” under the racketeering statute, appellants miscast a straightforward issue of statutory interpretation into an issue of federalism. Br58. Their reliance on cases dealing with federalism or state sovereignty, such as Alden v. Maine, 527 U.S. 706, 748 (1999), is misplaced. Nothing in RICO precludes the states from addressing corruption or infringes in any way on the legitimate functioning of state government or on its sovereignty.” “Appellants overlook the fundamental principle that the racketeering enterprise, whether it be a legitimate business, governmental entity or association in fact, is merely the vehicle through which defendants conduct alleged racketeering activities.”
     See also U. S. Supreme Court on United States v. Turkett: 452 U.S. 576,580 (1981) (“[t]here is no restriction upon the associations embraced by the definition” of “enterprise”).” The precedent, issues, and laws around Jurisdiction and Sovereign immunity are to lengthy to discuss in detail for the purpose of this post But! I suspect this entire line of defense was used by the Federal Courts to aid and abet this criminal government racketeering enterprise in avoiding litigation.  A look at why i believe this was just BS on Jurisdiction in the next blog post!
How long this racketeering operation has been going on in the USDA I’m not quite sure. I know at the lest it was in operation in the early 1990’s when, the then Secretary of Agriculture established the National Appeals Division his own judicial tribunal reporting directly to him like all other agencies under the USDA who NAD holds hearings for. Judge &  Jury, of themselves! with no rules of evidence, no stare deices, no rights to present evidence of criminal wrong doing, no judicial history available like the Federal Courts but, only the rulings of officers directly reporting for the preservation of their mob bosses and the preservation of the enterprise and their own jobs. All the precedent, laws, and legal challenges in the cases preceding to the Supreme court were completely ignored.

This RICO enterprise is operated by the USDA’s budget for risk management. There is nothing wrong per se with having a risk management operation or even a legal risk management operation. There is however, a serious problem with running a risk management operation illegally, and in violation of individual constitutional rights, and in violation of Federal Law with the unlimited financial support of the U.S. Government and the largest Legal firm in the world at your disposal. For the express purpose of denying constitutional rights to due process. It is this very conflict of interest- The DOJ can not prosecute a U.S. Agency for crimes and thats a prosecutorial gap civil rico was designed to remedy.

The USDA uses illegal tactics, illegal processes under the RICO act to operate this enterprise. They further abuse government power in its operation and every legal trick they can pull using federal protections as shields for their corruption. Furthermore, as in my case they have used deference to avoid attaching legal damages to 14 federal violations by a lawyers count. I personally find  the count much larger but, I have information he did not.

This illegal unconstitutional racketeering operation is run by the USDA to avoid accountability and responsibility for the criminal acts of its’ employees and the incompetent mis management of the peoples resources. Which their doing with our tax dollars and this whole operation is designed for tranny, oppression and utter despotism of farmers, often poor farmers. The RICO statute 1964(a) grants the Federal Court the right to order “dissolution or reorganization of any enterprise, making due provision for the rights of innocent persons.Therefore,  had the courts heard this case the opportunity existed for the Judicial Branch of Government to preform their duty to the American people and put an end to the executive branches operation of this tyrannous enterprise.  An absolute heinous act of terrorism operated by a Federal Agency for its own self preservation to the detriment of farmers and others. 

It is precisely the duty of the Federal Courts to apply the law as written and to uphold the constitution of the United States. They are “We The Peoples” only protection from a Government bent on tyranny and oppression. This case lives on and if the Government continues to get its way likely on, and on, and on!  It was not dismissed in the Federal Court with prejudice. I would also contend that based on crimes committed by Judge jackson L. Kiser the entire case history is void and unenforceable.

In mid April I delivered my request for permission from this corrupt organization to sue them for being corrupt. See my letter to the President posted on this blog. However, and this is why I’m so bothered by the courts denial of this petition. In making that request Government Form SF-95  I had to sign my name agreeing to accept as settlement a sum certain as stated on Form SF-95. If the USDA now wishes to put an end to this legal battle they can simply pay that sum certain.

The real disappointment here is – then this racket can continue to operate and frankly they will get off much cheaper to just pay me the large sum than to open themselves to the potential litigation that could follow me from all their prior criminal acts the last 3 decades. Consider for a moment they have already settled multiple class action filings for several billion dollars.

Thats why The Supreme Court are Traitors to the American People. They were given the opportunity to potentially do their Job to protect “We The People”: from tyranny and put an end to this heinous, criminal, illegal, and  unconstitutional racketeering operation. A Chance to permanently end a reign of terrorism that has punished  farmers for seeking help for more than 3 decades, They traitorously passed on it. How many more poor individuals will get raped, robbed and financially destroyed by this oppressive government agency? Because the Federal Courts protected this racket and the Supreme Court decided to let this petition and the USDA’s racketeering operation have a pass to continue on and on until?

If you never heard about the USDA’s despotic history I suggest these articles for a little history lesson.

1. From Old Seattle times.

2. From National Public Radio/NPR


4. Delta Farm Press “A particular favorite of mine” 

5. “Ebony Magazine “follow the links on this one to more if you like”

   I’m interested in any intelligent conversation on this subject. Please feel free to leave your comments!

I believe the Media will not cover this story because they fear retribution in the courts and government. Telling the people their really is no justice system could anger a mob.

Alexander Hamilton wrote in the Federalist essays describing the proposed new constitution.” I am not well versed in history, but I will submit to your recollection, whether liberty has been destroyed most often by the licentiousness of the people, or by the tyranny of rulers. I imagine, sir, you will find the balance on the side of tyranny.”

In June of 1776, delegates of the Virginia Convention adopted a declaration of rights that included the following statement:…In controversies respecting property, and in suits between man and man, the ancient trial by jury is preferable to any other, and ought to be held sacred.” Less than one month later, representatives of all 13 colonies signed the Declaration of Independence, which cited “depriving us in many cases of the right to trial by jury” – a right granted to every British subject by Magna Carta in 1215 – as one of the chief reasons for breaking with the King and Mother England.”

The Court took this path the BS of jurisdiction to deny a trial by jury as demanded in the original complaint. While I find it interesting the Media will not report on this story. More interesting is the lack of remarks from a single legal pundit!

A blessed warm christmas cheer to the Supreme Court, 4th circuit court of appeals and especially the dishonorable judge Jackson L. Kiser who’s demise I await with great anticipation that I may raise my glass to the glory of God upon his death and drink to his eternal life in Hell!


Christopher B. Julian Pro-Se.

Supreme Court Sells out Constitutional Obligation to The American People !

Supreme Court Sells out Constitutional Obligation to The American People !

Supreme Court or Supreme Government Puppet

Recently the United States Supreme Court denied certiorari to petition 14-1051. In denying this petition the court dismissed its constitutional duty to all of America. They sold their judicial powers under the constitution of the United States to an executive branch of the U.S. Government.

They dismissed the judicial “check” on the political branches. Unlike the Legislative and Executive Branches, each of which possesses several political checks on the other, the Judiciary has one primary check on the excesses of political branches. That check is the enforcement of the rule of law through the exercise of judicial power.

In denying petition 14-1051 they allowed the USDA to continue racketeering operations they have operated now unconstitutionally for decades. Subjecting tens of thousands of poor American farmers to tyranny and despotism while destroying their lives, livelihood, families and futures.

This decision the Supreme Court (Government Puppet) shirked the greatest obligation to the American people the Supreme Court has. A constitutional obligation to exercise their judicial checks on the other branches of Government subjecting the American people to precisely the abuses the Framers of the Constitution sought to prevent!

I respectful request “We the People” of the United States of American stand up and demand at the top of our lungs to rectify the despicable, shameful discharge of the Courts primary responsibility to We The People and the Constitution.It is precisely the usurpation of judicial powers by an executive branch of Government that leads to the very tyranny the founding fathers intended the separation of powers and the provision of trial by jury to prevent.

The Court failed to grant this petition even though numerous justices had just recently provided lengthy dissertations on these very issues and the courts obligations to them in Whitman v. United States, 574 U.S. (November 10, 2014), Perez v. Mortgage Bankers Association (March 9, 2015) and United States V. Kwai Fun Wong (April 22, 2015) Even though this case had all the elements of these recent decisions and was a perfect vehicle for addressing the one unresolved major constitutional issue. The Court denied this petition presenting the very question they stated a desire to address.

There are numerous articles on these cases and their subjects to be found in National Law Review  and on the Denial of Petition 14-1051 demonstrates just how hypocritical the Supreme Court Justices can be! It Demonstrates the Courts willingness to protect criminal operations by the other branches of Government. It demonstrates the Courts unwillingness to preform its duties to the constitution and the American People.

I’m sure there are countless other cases in the library’s of the Federal Courts that demonstrate the Federal Courts willingness to ignore Federal Law, to ignore all Legal precedent, to willingly protect the Sugar Daddy and his marry band of thugs. But I seriously doubt there are many denied petitions,  if any that demonstrate  such a  serious lack of moral and ethical integrality by the Supreme Court than this!

There’s no evidence anyone has ever brought a case to the Federal Court or the Supreme Court with the power this case had to grant the court the constitutional right to dismantle this heinous racketeering operation run by the USDA. You can read a little about USDA’s history of Oppression here. There are many more relevant articles to be found here.

While the petition may have been mine I took it this far for the tens of thousands of  farmers who came before me. Now I need the peoples help to let your legislators and the President know you do not wish to be subjects of a criminal unconstitutional tyrannous Government aided and abetted by a Corrupt Federal Judicial system!

This court sold out the American People, the Constitution, and justice for my family and friends to Government corruption!! I’m sure I’ll have critics but I can assure you those critics will not have done there home work!

Having presented form SF_95 to the President of the United States the courts lie about a lack of jurisdiction has been cured this case will come back to court in 6 months unless corruption intervenes again. I want America watching on the next round please.

see letter to the Mr. President all thats necessary for the triumph of Government evil is for those in power to do nothing!

                                QUESTIONS PRESENTED By Petition 14- 1051 Denied April 27, 2015

  1. Is a Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization (RICO) enterprise operating in and by a Federal Agency protected from civil suit for violation of the RICO act Chapter 18 §1964(c) for violations of  1961 and §1962 (a-d) by sovereign immunity or provisions of the Federal Tort Claims FTCA?
  2. Should a court grant deference to an administrative agency’s statutory interpretation where it can affect the outcome of civil or criminal litigation?
  3. When a Federal Agency denies an appellant opportunity to present evidence of negligence, fraud, and discrimination, relevant to an agency decision, and judicial review is limited to review of the administrative record and the provisions of 5 U.S.C. §706, Have the administrative procedures in conjunction with the limits on judicial review not effectively violated the appellants constitutional right to due process and a jury trial?
Mr. President all thats necessary for the triumph of Government evil is for those in power to do nothing!

Mr. President all thats necessary for the triumph of Government evil is for those in power to do nothing!

Blue Ridge Springs Orchard


April 14, 2015

President of the United States
Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Re: Racketeering by the USDA and Form SF-95

Dear Mr. President:

Mr. President I’ve always been your ally and supporter. I mean absolutely no disrespect to you or your administration in sending this letter. I’m fully aware your administration inherited many issues of corruption in government at the IRS, VA, CIA, NSA, and the Secret Service, I’m writing to you regarding corruption at the USDA and in the Federal Judiciary for three primary reasons.

First Federal Judge Jackson L. Kiser informed me you were the top law enforcement official in the country and it would take executive action on your part to rectify the tyrannical despotic operations of the United States Department of Agriculture, which destroyed my life’s work and relegated my family to homelessness. Given the Federal Courts have ignored numerous federal laws, their judicial oaths of office, all prior legal precedent, and justified their opinions with deceit, deception, intentional misrepresentation and out right lies. All of which I’m happy to provide evidence of before the jury I demanded as a constitutional right. It follows, the Judiciary is not performing its appointed duties and your intervention under the take care clause 5 of the Article 2 of the United States Constitution is required to protect the laws and the Constitution of the United States.  As President, it is your sworn duty to uphold federal law for racketeering against the USDA and the Federal Judiciary for aiding and abetting this enterprise, violating their oaths of office, and violation of 42 U.S.C. §1983 for justice, the law, and the U.S. Constitution to prevail.

Secondly, Judge Jackson L. Kiser and his cohorts – Judge Clyde H. Hamilton, Robert B. King, and Barbra M. Keenan of the fourth circuit court of appeals have intentionally ignored numerous federal laws, all legal precedent, and their judicial oaths to railroad this case and assist the USDA in the commission of a racketeering operation objective to steal constitutional rights to trial by jury, They have prevented this case from any evidentiary hearings or ever being heard in a court room and have granted the USDA extraordinary deference to write there own laws to avoid attaching financial damages for numerous acts of negligence, fraud, mail fraud, discrimination, conspiracy, and countless other crimes including perjury. Deference I might add several Supreme Court justices have recently argued as Un–Constitutional. [1] I am now dependent on the 1 percent chance the Supreme Court of the United States will grant my petition for certiorari. With the court’s track record in this case I cannot help but be highly skeptical of a positive outcome. I believe with your background in constitutional law and the fact, the leader of this organized crime ring works for you, you may find it of interest therefore; I have included a copy of my Supreme Court Petition with this letter for your reference.

Third, Judge Kiser dismissed part of this lawsuit without prejudice on grounds that I must first file form SF-95 with the USDA requesting permission from a racketeer influenced corrupt organization (RICO) permission to sue them for being corrupt. I find such to be beyond common right and reason, a violation of due process, and unconstitutional, no agency should be judge in its own case; therefore, since Mr. Vilsack , a member of your cabinet, runs and operates this criminal operation, I’m deferring my form SF-95 submission to you, his manager.

The form is enclosed with this communication. Mr. President, having spent more than 2 years and never having had a trial, an opportunity for discovery, and evidentiary hearing, or the opportunity even for my grievance and evidence to be heard the statue of limitations clock on filing form SF-95 is about to expire. I requested leave of the Supreme Court to motion for equitable tolling; however, I did not receive a timely response and given the treatment I have already encountered in the Federal Courts, I have every reason to believe it would not be granted even though the court has recently questioned the constitutionality of deference. The extraordinary deference granted in this case is highly relevant to an assessment of the legal damages. Furthermore, the district and appellate courts actions leave me with no respect for the institution and highly skeptical we’ll ever see justice in this matter from the Federal Court system.

The Federal Courts seem determined to aid, abet, and protect the criminal operations and protect the criminals in this agency. I personally believe for an executive branch of government to have established its own court system where the federal rules of evidence do not apply, the rights of due process are totally ignored, and there is no stare decisis is unconstitutional given the specific separation of powers specified by Articles 1, 2 and 3 of the constitution. For an executive branch of the government to have usurped judicial powers where they serve corruption in the executive branch rather than the interest of the people seems highly unconstitutional–down right criminal. A heinous operation you would expect the judiciary would likely demand to dismantle rather than protect. Which leads me to serious questions about the judiciary’s true resolve to protect we the people, and the constitution from a tyrannous despotic government.

Mr. President, I wrote to you regarding the issues my family encountered as a result of Dodd Frank legislation and criminal activities by the USDA in 2012. Additionally, I copied you on a letter, which I wrote to each member of the Senate Banking committee January 2013. I appreciate the fact each of these letters received a response from your office. However, it was quite ironic you or your office forwarded my letter of January 2013 to Christopher P. Beyerhelm USDA Deputy Administrator of Farm Loan Programs, who eventually responded, he would not be able to have any involvement with our issues as they were pending with the (USDA) National Appeals Division (NAD) but, he would forward some of our issues on to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) although they seem to have no record of it.

This was ironic for 2 reasons; first I had already made a complaint to the CFPB. But much more importantly Mr. Beyerhelm’s negligence was a factor in wiping out everything my wife and I worked so hard to accomplish. You see Mr. Beyerhelm is one of the many USDA employees named as defendants in the lawsuit against the USDA for racketeering.

The federal courts have railroaded this case, ignoring federal laws and all prior precedent ultimately leaving my family now in our 3rd year attempting to get justice from an absolutely corrupt despotic federal agency aided and abetted by a corrupt Federal Judiciary. I find it very disturbing to know the RICO act has been used against numerous states, and local government agencies in cases where the courts have always found a RICO enterprise not to be protected by sovereign immunity. In fact, Mr. President, the courts found in United States v. Warner, 498 F.3d 666, 694-97 (7th Cir. 2007), the Seventh Circuit held that your home “State of Illinois was properly charged as the RICO enterprise that was the victim of corrupt office holders’ pattern of racketeering activity”. How is it, that a state RICO has no sovereign immunity while a Federal Agency RICO operated by and executive branch of government is protected?

Overall, our story is long and complex, it would as Mrs. Janice Pigford says regarding their case with the USDA, ” Take Jesus Christ himself to come back here and straighten out this whole mess.” Which seems to be the specific intent of the USDA and the Federal Courts, although I’m confident in an honest jury’s ability to find the appropriate answer but, it seems highly unlikely the Government will ever allow that to happen. Which brings me to an explanation as to the demands of the lawsuit, which I believe the country deserves.

By the time the lawsuit was filed, we had experienced negligence, on a massive scale, countless acts of fraud, mail fraud, obvious discrimination, violations of the FCRA, FOIA, obstruction of justice in the form of perjury, denied an opportunity to present relevant evidence of these in our defense and being disallowed to present a defense for violating a regulation that was not a regulation when it was broken. Our stellar personal credit had been irreparable damaged as well as being unemployed and relegated to homelessness. At this point we had become quite aware of the racketeering operations being orchestrated by the USDA to avoid responsibility and accountability for the criminal acts of its employees. Everything we had worked our whole lives to accomplish was being destroyed by a criminal RICO enterprise operated by the USDA.   How do you place a value on this small sample of the damages caused by criminal incompetent USDA run government agencies?

  • 20 plus years of saving until it hurt to amass the financial ability to make this effort – lost
  • The devastation of a business plan which you had already provided 6 years of development, planning, financial resources, and hard manual labor to implement – lost.
  • A business plan that was on the verge of getting established when the market demand was growing rapidly – lost.
  • A viable business development opportunity providing jobs in a rural Hud-Zone in serious need of economic stimulus – lost.
  • Multi million-dollar life insurance polices which you will never be able to replace – lost.
  • A lifetime of planning to be able to provide care and comfort to your literally poor mom – irreplaceably lost.
  • Time to spend with her and her to spend with you and the only granddaughter you gave her – forever irreplaceably lost.
  • Being forced into homelessness in your fifties with a young daughter now only 8. How can you replace the childhood she’s had with the one she should’ve had? Forever irreplaceably lost.
  • The absolute despicable fact the USDA is running a RICO operation with taxpayer dollars to hide its incompetent mismanagement, protect its employees from criminal prosecution, and avoid accountability and responsibility. All with malice and specific intent destroying the lives of struggling farmers whom their legislatively directed to assist. Unconscionable!

That’s just the beginning of a very very long list of devastating consequences from the incompetent criminal and corrupt mismanagement of federal resources at the USDA and the unwillingness of the Agency to simply admit a mistake.

  • I was aware the USDA’s largest single legal settlement payout was 14 million dollars.
  • I was aware that the agency had a 3-decade history of discrimination against, Blacks, White, Hispanics, and Women farmers, a history of sexual harassment, and had defended its discrimination successfully against white farmers because white farmers are not a protected civil class.
  • I was aware although, I felt I’d been the victim of discrimination that as a married white, protestant, and heterosexual man I would have no success with a suit for discrimination.
  • I was aware this criminal enterprise would continue to devastate and destroy small farms and farmers as it had for 3 decades if not stopped.
  • I was well aware the stories of farmers from the last 3-decades were all very similar to mine.
  • I am aware this institution needs shutting down or disinfected. Although, the culture of this organization appears so culturally corrupt there’s no hope.
  • I was evidently mistaken to believe with such a history, the Federal Courts would follow the law and use the powers of chapter 18 1964 to dismantle this criminal unconstitutional enterprise.

Form SF-95

  • Requires the statement of a SUM certain for settlement. It therefore denies me the liberty, and property conveyed me by congress in chapter 18 §1964(c) to pursue this proceeding for the farmers and people of this country.
    • It denies me the opportunity to leverage the grant of treble damages.
    • It denies me the opportunity to leverage the grant of attorney’s fees.
    • It affords the USDA the opportunity to settle this without granting the court the opportunity to exercise statutory remedies like dissolution or reorganization, which RICO authorizes.
    • It offers no opportunity to make any demands for relief from the agency outside of a monetary one. No opportunity to demand changes to put this racket out of business.

The Original Suit filed in Federal District Court:

  • The original suit requested 1 million dollars a month in damages for all of the reasons stated above and more, but mostly because the Agency was operating a conspiracy of devastation against my family and friends simply because it wished to cover up its crimes, incompetence, and had unlimited time and resources to do so.
  • The original suit requested 1 million dollars a month until settlement. Because of the Agencies specific intent to do harm to my family and friends in order to avoid accountability and responsibility for their criminal behavior and it needed to end post haste or have consequences.
  • The suit requested 1 million each for 4 other individuals whose lives were devastated and irreparably damaged by these same actions.
  • It was intended for this case to never be settled, but carry it into trial expecting to win so the court would have opportunity afforded under RICO to dismantle this criminal unconstitutional enterprise.
  • While RICO suits are for damages to an individual’s property and business, legal precedent suggested the torts may be actionable too however, these could be subjected to provisions of the FTCA. Which came first the chicken or the egg? Deference dictated.
  • The suit also sought repayment of fees paid to FSA for services, which the agency never provided.
  • And for the Agency to repay the plaintiffs for the cost of Mediation which was nothing more than an agency scam, a tool of the racketeering operation.
  • The suit also requested all payments net of taxes. Because previous successful litigants against the USDA claim the IRS partnered with the USDA in retaliation for the suits. Are all the tens of thousands of claims against the USDA valid? I don’t know, but I have experienced and seen their corruption first hand.

The original suit totaled $14,000,370.25.

Add to that 1 million a month for 19 months only through April 2015.


Add to that the congressional mandate in a RICO case of treble damages:

19+14= 33,000,370.25 * 3 = $99,001,110.75

Plus attorney fees granted by RICO for 28 months based on my last corporate salary at Bank of America 100,000.00 a year is 233,333.36 = $99,234,444.11

Add to that all required federal and state tax payments: will just use an overall estimated tax rate of 42% so the bottom line is $140,912,910.64.

That’s a drop in the bucket compared to the 18 billion dollar settlement the DOJ just made with Bank of America plus all the other financial institution settlements made by the DOJ for their roles in the mortgage and financial market collapse. The mortgage collapse and the implementation of Dodd Frank is the only reason a request ever had to be made of the FSA/USDA for a farm loan in the first place.

If Brian Moynihan, my former employer, is worth 18 million a year my family, friends and I are worth 12.

Oh, I’ll just let the 29.5 percent interest asked for in the original suit, because American Express hit me with it when I was one day late with a payment for the first time in my life because of this mess slide.

Based on the court’s finding for a lack of jurisdiction, this letter and the attached documents, I find satisfy the court’s ruling effectively, that form SF- 95 be submitted. The Agency may now take their six months on top of the already 2 years they’ve known about these complaints to think about their future in court. I will be better prepared when refilling this suit and more. Upon a ruling from SCOTUS, every public avenue to disclose the truth will be pursued.

Mr. President, I had no desire to travel any part of this road. I simply was working very hard on the American Dream when a financial collapse caused by highly overpaid idiots prompted Congress to implement some bad legislative provisions with Dodd Frank. This left me no alternative but to pursue the only financing option available – a rural farm loan with the USDA/FSA farm loan program. The criminal negligence, “My opinion” which resulted in the criminal acts committed by this agency led directly to the criminal unconstitutional racketeering enterprise operated by the Secretary of Agriculture. A fraudulent criminal racketeering enterprise that:

  • Denies individual constitutional rights while usurping the judicial system.
  • Allows the commission of crimes hiding behind sovereign immunity.
  • Intentionally grants extraordinary deference to incompetence.
  • Designed to eliminate damages with deference segregated by misuse of the FTCA from the crimes that were perpetrated on their victims.
  • Designed to avoid accountability or responsibility for the corrupt incompetent administration of the people’s resources and to manage legal risk expenses.
  • Designed to prevent an appellant’s presentation of relevant evidence.
  • Designed to hide the truth in any case by only making available the perverted corrupt self-opinionated hearing officer “and/or” Ha! Ha! Director’s ruling, protecting the system and the powers in Government.
  • Designed for no transparency on any hearing or challenge or brief, just corrupted judges opinions and orders available for public review.
  • Designed not just by shielding case history but also with intentional acts to avoid stare deices from any other appellate hearing.

Mr. President, petition copies for the Supreme Court are expensive, especially when you’ve been forced into homelessness by a government agency and had to spend more than 2 years in legal maneuvers against a defendant with unlimited time and resources. So when you’re finished reading my petition, could you please sign this copy and return it.

I have done and will continue with my last breath to perform my civic duty to the best of my ability to put an end to tyranny and despotism by the U.S. Government.

I consider my obligation to file form SF-95 complete and respect that you will ensure that its appropriately handled and filed.

A judge that justifies his opinions with lies and balances the scales of justice with deceit, deception, misdirection, obfuscation, and misrepresentation is a criminal as are those who look the other way. They have no Honor.

Mr. President, I respectfully request you perform your sworn duty with regards to the take care clause under the 2nd amendment to the Constitution.

All that’s necessary for the triumph of evil is for those in power to do nothing.

Thank you Mr. President for your time and your service.


Christopher. B. Julian

The Julian Family

474 Orchard View Drive

Ararat, Virginia 24053

CC: Secretary of Agriculture

1400 Independence Avenue, S.W.
Mail Stop 0101 Room 200-A

Washington, DC 20250

Assistant Secretary Agriculture Admin.

1400 Independence Avenue, S.W.
Mail Stop 0103 Room 240-W

Washington, DC 20250

Dept of Agriculture White House Liaison

1400 Independence Avenue, S.W.
Mail Stop 0112 Room 507-A

Washington, DC 20250

Chris P. Beyerhelm

Deputy Administrator for Farm Loans Programs

U,S. Department of Agriculture

Farm Service Agency Stop 0520

1400 Independence Avenue, SW

Washington, D. C. 20250-0520

As an update to this posting it should be noted  the Supreme Court denied the petition for certiorari on April 27, 2015 just as expected. The reason this letter was submitted to the President and the Secretary of Agriculture prior to the 2 year deadline under the FTCA. Interesting questions arise as RICO has no statue of limitations and the Supreme court just ruled in favor of equitable tolling under the FTCA. See United States v. Wong decided April 22, 2015. 

The White House has not responded in any way to this communication. Is President Obama and Presidents Clintons involvement in Piggford and Piggford II perhaps related to ignoring these charges from a white man and protecting Government which Obama is now in charge of.

Some info on Obama, Clinton, & Villisack

[1] See Justice Scalia and Thomas comments in National Law Review December 4, 2014. See also Scalia and Thomas individual opinions in the recent decisions on Perez & Nickols v. Mortgage Bankers Association Decided March 9, 2015

Corrected error not 2nd amendment but Article 2 clause 5.

Judge Jackson L. Kiser sends U.S. Marshall with comments on my Blog.

Judge Jackson L. Kiser sends U.S. Marshall with comments on my Blog.

Untitled 1

Untitled 2

Untitled 3

Untitled 4

Untitled 5

Read the filing Judge Kiser refers to on page 1 Here Reply to Response DeCoster Sanctions.. Pay careful attention to what the filing actually says.

Update 3-3-2016 I invite you to read the blog post to which Judge Jackson L. Kiser has referred in his show cause order. I believe you will find that contrary to his statement of being wholly unsubstantiated in each article the allegations are backed up by supporting documentation and evidence. Secondly, if you carefully read the statement made in the court filing you will see that Judge Jackson L. Kisers allegation I called him and his court criminal and corrupt is not accurate but, was as he runs his court based entirely on his personal assumption and bias. Nowhere in that statement was his name or any reference to his court room made. It’s a statement no different than one repeated countless ways through out the ages on issues with court neutrality and objective application of the law by countless judges.

Update 5-3-2017 It should have been noted long ago. Held infront of the Marshall is a document showing that plaintiffs were already scheduled to appear in court on the date of the Show cause order the Marshall is serving. I.E. Judge Kiser sent the U.S. Marshall purely and solely for the purpose of intimidation. 

Really nice public / Government  employee rare find in Virginia.

Really Nice U.S. Marshall

Really Nice U.S. Marshall

Response to Reply for Sanctions




James Rigney, Et Al,









Case Number:             4:13CV00054






Comes now Plaintiff’s s Christopher B. and Renee G. Julian in opposition to Katherine DeCosters response to motions for sanctions. Rule 5(b)(2)(E) is very specific “If the person consented in writing” Plaintiffs never consented in writing to any electronic form of service. Plaintiffs simply did Ms DeCoster a favor letting her know of her errors. Plaintiffs had no reason to object to her email and a response was merely a common curtsey. It is plainly direct, obvious, and observable that plaintiffs were made aware of these motions only by the courts service of the Roseboro notice. Plaintiffs would not have had such a notice had they not been Pro-Se. Plaintiffs never had any opportunity to make any motion or any reply with regards to Ms DeCosters motion for an extension of time to respond as the Court granted the motion without Plaintiffs having any knowledge of its existence. There is no way now nor was there ever anyway for this error to be justly corrected. The Jonesboro notice was the one and only reason Plaintiffs responded to the Motion to dismiss and plea of immunity. This was for Plaintiffs a very serious issue. It put Plaintiffs case in a very precarious situation as the Defendants motion was for failure to state a claim and given the lenience gifted in the filing of the complaint Plaintiffs could not jeopardize the case with a motion for default judgment.


  1. Motion for extension of time to file a response. Dkt 14 & 15

The Court new Plaintiffs were Pro-Se. This is evidenced by the issuance of the roseboro notice. The Court Clerk had informed Plaintiffs on inquiry Judge Jackson L. Kiser never grants Pro-Se Plaintiffs access to electronic filing. The Court knew when the Defendant filed the motion for extension of time to respond that it had not been served for this reason. This is further evidenced by the time the Court allowed for Plaintiffs to file an opposition ref dkt 14 & 17 and dkt 21 & 23 as opposed to the length granted when the USAG made the same motion; and note the Holiday weekend in the filing of dkt 21. The Court approved this motion knowing it was not effective. Dkt 17 Since Plaintiffs had no knowledge this motion had been filed until after receiving the roseboro notice from the court dkt 18 Plaintiffs never had any opportunity at all to oppose this motion.

  1. Motion to Dismiss for failure to state a claim and plea for Sovereign and qualified immunity.

This Motion placed Plaintiff’s in a very precarious position jeopardizing elements of our case. Plaintiffs had to respond to countless issues Sovereign Immunity, Qualified Immunity, failure to state a claim, etc raised in defense of Ms Johnson that were by rule subject to summary judgment as they were issues raised outside of the complaint, hence the rosesboro notice. Furthermore, Plaintiffs were subjected to numerous allegations in the motion of faults in the filing directly attributable to the courts instructions not to make legal arguments or citations. Had plaintiffs motioned for default judgment, a viable motion in response to failure to effect service, however, the court could have, and, we now know, would have dismissed Ms Johnson on failure to state a claim. Was that the courts prime objective? Defeating the primary reason Ms Johnson was named in this suit, Ms Johnson’s participation in aiding and abetting RICO USDA in the Commission of the enterprises objectives, an argument that had been completely pulled from the original complaint to comply with the Courts instructions not to cite statues, cases or make legal arguments. A compliance with the courts instructions, which caused Plaintiffs serious undue and unnecessary complications, and has significantly, delayed the entire process while causing significant physical and mental stress to plaintiffs as well as stealing precious time from our lives.

The Courts actions with regard to these two motions together with the Courts action approving the USAG’s motion for extension without granting Plaintiffs a single day of the Clerks Office being open to file an opposition, when the court clerk had been informed plaintiffs were attempting to file a responsive motion Exhibit AT. Plaintiffs viewed these actions as biased and prejudicial treatment by this court which resulted in Plaintiffs contacting the 4CCA on 11/14/ 2013 Exhibit AU attempting to file a grievance for prejudicial treatment by this court. Additionally, two articles on the experience were published on the internet “Legal Conundrum by Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 5(b)2(e) on January 1, 2014 and “Op Ed for the Federal District Courts” on January 15th 2014 after being denied publication by the Wall Street Journal. One additional article “ The Weak” discussing the experience was published on January 7, 2014. It is further worth noting that after all the motions had been filed the Court did not act to make a ruling and the moving party never motioned for a hearing or advised the court as prescribed by local rule 11(b). Did the Court and the Defendants council wait intentionally? There is absolutely no way to prove these acts were not coordinated between the court and the Defense Councils. And there is evidence in the docket of ex parte communication. Everyone is welcome to read any of our articles at Blueridgesprings on There will be many more to come.

Up-Date 4-26-2017 these are all facts that demonstrate bias on the part of this court.


A Corrupt Federal Agency aided and abetted by a Corrupt Federal Court is a travesty of justice for American Democracy an Insult to the U.S. Judicial system, to the constitution of the United States of America, and to Life, Liberty, and Justice for all. It results in tyranny, oppression, and absolute despotism of the people, justifying completely and succinctly the second amendment to the constitution of the United States.  There is no greater criminal than the criminal that sits on the bench robbing America of its foundations.

            Respectfully Submitted,

                                                                                    Christopher B. and Renee G. Julian Pro-Se

USDA Plays Dumb

Christopher B. Julian

474 Orchard View Drive

Ararat, Virginia, 24053


May 24, 2014





Mr. Kartic Padmanabhan,


Mr. Padmanabhan,

Please advise your clients at the USDA and NAD, Plaintiffs do not view the administrative record provided to the court as complete and accurate. While they have obviously stated such on a technicality, Plaintiffs view it as another example of the enterprises deceptive culture. Plaintiffs respectfully request pursuant to FRCP 37(a) NAD provide to the court the complete record of the Plaintiffs case. Plaintiffs assume the defendants have not provided the complete record on the technicality the documentation was retained under a separate case number NAD created during correspondence. Plaintiffs request that NAD provide the court with a complete administrative record for NAD Case No. 2013E000308 as it is inextricably tied to this case.





Christopher B. & Renee G. Julian